Management Degree Program in China - Environmental Management

 1. Introduction

Environmental Management refers to a comprehensive activity that uses planning, organization, coordination, control, supervision and other means to achieve the desired environmental objectives. In a broad sense, it means under the permission of environmental capacity, based on the theory of environmental science, use administrative, legal, economic, educational and scientific and technological means, to coordinate the relationship between social and economic development with environmental protection, economic departments, the social groups and individuals about environmental problems and make the social and economic development to meet the people's material and cultural life needs also to prevent pollution of the environment and maintaining ecological balance.

Due to the content of environmental management involves the various environmental factors, such as the soil, water, atmosphere, biological and environmental management in the field involving economy, society, politics, nature, science and technology, the scope of the environmental management relates to different sectors of the country, so environmental management is highly integrated.

Including the contents of the "three wastes" pollution control, environmental monitoring technology, clean production, environmental protection technology, environmental planning and environmental economics management. Environmental management is to train specialized personnel that master the knowledge of the quality management system, environment management system and occupational, health and safety management system, able to engage in township enterprises, government and educational and research institutions, environmental protection technology, management, education and research work.

2. Main Content

1), management of environmental plan, environmental plan includes industrial traffic pollution prevention, pollution control plan, watershed pollution control plan, natural environmental protection plans, and environmental science and technology development plan, publicity and education programs, also including the survey and evaluation of environmental conditions in specific regions of the foundation of the regional environmental planning.

2), management of environmental quality: mainly including organizations developing quality standards, all kinds of pollutant discharge standards and supervision of pick up the check work, organize the investigation, monitoring and evaluating the quality of the environment situation and forecast the trend of environmental quality.

3), management of environmental technology: mainly including determining the environmental pollution and damage to the prevention and control technology route and technology policy; determine the direction of environmental science and technology; organized environmental protection technical consultation and information services; organizational environment science and technology cooperation and exchanges.

3. Systems

Charge system, examination system, license system

4. Means

Administrative means, legal means, economic means, technical means, publicity and education

5. Program Directions

The program aims to cultivate specialized personnel who comprehensively master the methods of environmental protection and management, skilled use environmental science and ecology of the basic principles and skills, familiar with the establishment of quality management system, environment management system and occupational, health and safety management system, to cultivate in the township and village enterprises, government and educational and research institutions engaged in environmental protection, especially environmental protection technology, management, education and research work. Through the study of the system, students will have a strong ability to monitor, evaluate, and plan management and information management of the environment.

6. Program Characteristics

"Hot" - the rapid development of environmental protection industry, environmental and technical personnel is urgently needed

"High" - higher education requirements, work quality and higher salary

"Lack" - intermediate or above EIA, the registration of environmental engineers and other senior staff

7. Employment Prospects

Basic and technical work, like environmental engineering design, construction management, operation and management of the environmental protection projects, environmental monitoring and other at various levels of state environmental protection departments and scientific research units, environmental protection companies, environmental engineering companies, environmental monitoring departments, industrial and mining enterprises, design units or departments.


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