Management Degree Program in China - Exhibition Economy and Management

1. Introduction

Exhibition Economy and Management refers to the related industries driven by the exhibition industry, and a new industry with unlimited business opportunities and the management. As one of the categories of modern service industry, exhibition industry can drive the development of transportation industry, logistics industry, construction industry, commerce, advertising, tourism, finance and other related industries. Broad prospects for development and good development opportunities for the exhibition economy and management personnel to create a good external environment, has become an important channel for economic and trade exchanges between countries. The survival and development of the exhibition industry finally depends on the unique design concept and effective management, which is the construction of talents.

2. Training Objectives

Exhibition economy and management program trains senior application-oriented talents in exhibition business management equipped with the knowledge and ability of management, economy, law and business management (exhibition management), familiar with the whole process of practical operation including exhibition planning, marketing, management and service, with the basic ability of exhibition organization and management, with strong computer skills, can be engaged in marketing of exhibition, exhibition promotion, exhibition project development and management, meeting organization and management, booth design jobs, teaching and scientific research work.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of exhibition economy and management, accept the basic training of exhibition management, planning and management, and have the basic ability to analyze and solve the problems.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of exhibition economy and management;

2) Master the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods of exhibition economy and management;

3) Familiar with exhibition related business, with the basic ability of independently discovering, analyzing, processing and solving problems;

4) Familiar with the international exhibition situation, trends and the development, policies and regulations of exhibition industry;

5) Master the basic process of exhibition planning and operation, with a certain exhibition management and management innovation capability;

6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability.

5. Main Courses

Political economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, money and banking, accounting, management, financial management, marketing, public relations, consumer behavior, market research and forecasting, introduction to exhibition, exhibition economics, convention and exhibition management, exhibition planning and pragmatic, marketing of exhibition, exhibition tourism, policy and law of exhibition, exhibition project management.

6. Similar Programs

International economy and trade, tourism management, hotel management, library science, archival science, information resources management, labor relations, cultural industry management, exhibition art and technology, etc.

7. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in government exhibition management departments, industry associations for exhibition policies and regulations formulation and management of exhibition industry; can be engaged in exhibition enterprises for exhibition planning, exhibition design, exhibition marketing and exhibition project management and other work; can be engaged in hotel, logistics companies, business service companies for the exhibition related services; can be engaged in foreign service agencies for exhibition organization and service work; can be engaged in large enterprises for exhibition design, exhibition management.

8. Characteristics

Exhibition economy and management mainly studies the basic theory and basic skills of the exhibition, strengthening the teaching of computer application ability, cultivating students with the ability of being engaged in all kinds of exhibition market research, planning, organization, management and operation and booth design ability.


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