Management Degree Program in China - Exhibition Planning and Management


Exhibition Planning and Management is to cultivate professional management talents that master the theoretical knowledge of exhibition planning and management, with the basic operational skills of exhibition planning and management, master the planning and operation methods of modern exhibition.

2. Main Content

Exhibition industry overview, exhibition planning outline, exhibition project planning, exhibition planning and management, exhibition investment planning and management, exhibition site planning and management, planning and management, meeting planning and management, planning and management of exhibition related activities, continued work management of exhibition, exhibition customer relationship management.

3. Program Characteristics

Students mainly learn the basic theory and basic skills of exhibition, strengthen the teaching of computer application ability, cultivating students to be engaged in all kinds of exhibition market research, planning, organization, management and operation ability and booth design ability. Exhibition is a very practical program, the professional requirements include that learners should be good at thinking, summary when learning professional courses, combine learning theoretical knowledge with the actual situation, to give full play the leading role on economy by the exhibition, so as to promote the exhibition economy and its surrounding economic development.

4. Training Objectives

The program aims to cultivate senior application-oriented talents who master the professional knowledge of exhibition, with the ability of planning, designing, organizing and implementing large and medium-sized exhibition; master the basic skills required in the process of exhibition project implementation; capable of senior professional and technical work of exhibition project manager assistant. Exhibition planning and management program is an emerging application-oriented discipline, aims to cultivating senior application-oriented talents who are skilled in the actual operation of the exhibition, to engage in exhibition planning and management and exhibition design in exhibition industry, tourism industry, the advertising industry, large and medium-sized enterprises, government propaganda department.

5. Main Courses

Managerial economics, business management, an introduction to international trade, marketing, market investigation and prediction, convention and exhibition industry introduction, exhibition practice, exhibition planning, communication management, public relations, exhibition design and planning, exhibition marketing, Exhibition etiquette, convention and exhibition management decision, conference organization and management, display design, computer aided design, scene production, exhibition equipment management, advertising, public relations, business negotiations,etc.

6. Employment Prospects

Exhibition telephone marketing positions, service and management positions at exhibition site, industrial and commercial activities planning jobs, large and medium-sized exhibition activities, planning and organizing positions at festival celebration activities and other gathering activities, other exhibition planning and management related jobs, such as exhibition project management positions, exhibition design jobs.


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