Business Degree Program in China - Finance and Securities

1. Introduction

Finance and Securities takes the talent demand of securities service industry as the goal, to cultivate highly skilled application-oriented talents with both basic knowledge of professional theory and certain practical operational capability.

2. Training Requirements

The program cultivates high-quality and skilled talents who can be engaged in the finance and securities business independently, with the systematic theoretical knowledge and strong practical operation ability. Graduates can go to banks, securities companies, futures companies, quoted companies, can also go to the insurance companies, insurance agencies for insurance and financial management. When the students obtain the graduation certificate, they may also obtain the qualification certificate of securities practitioners, financial qualification certificate.

3. Main Courses

Western economy, money and banking, international finance, commercial bank management, on the basis of the stock market, securities trading, securities investment funds, futures trading practices, financial management, financial accounting, securities and exchange training, pre-job practice. Main courses: financial market introduction, money and banking, financial accounting, public finance, bank accounting, business and management of commercial banks, the central bank and financial supervision, comprehensive training of the banking, investment banking securities investment theory, futures investment theory, futures trading practice, theory and practice of securities, securities investment analysis and practice.

4. Qualification Certificates

Computer certificate; qualification certificate of securities trading; securities issuance and underwriting qualification certificate.

5. Employment Prospects

Securities trading staff at securities companies, securities marketing staff, financial managers at financial institutions, securities brokerage staff, bank assistant, insurance company intermediary staff and corporate finance staff, or conduct stock trading and entrepreneurship.


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