Law Degree Program in China - Financial Law

1. Introduction

Financial Law is the general name of law to adjust the financial relationship. Financial relationship includes financial supervision relationship and financial transaction relationship. The relationship of financial supervision mainly refers to the supervision and management of financial institutions, financial markets, financial products and financial transactions. Financial transaction relationship is mainly refers to the in the money market, stock market, insurance market and foreign exchange market a variety of financial markets, financial institutions, between financial institutions and the public, financial transaction relationship between the public.

Under the general term of the financial law, the law concerned financial supervision and financial transaction can be divided into banking law, securities law, futures law, negotiable instrument law, insurance law, foreign exchange management law and other specific categories. Financial trust belongs to the category of financial law, and the general common trust belongs to the category of civil law.

2. Characteristics

1) Systematic

2) Macro regulation and control

3) Efficiency

4) Duality

3. Nature

Financial activity is the link connecting all sectors of the economy including the production, exchange, distribution and consumption, an important part of the national economy; financial law is a total legal norm of adjustment of the various financial relations, is an important part of economic law. The financial law is one of the important legal means to regulate and supervise the entire financial industry, regulate the financial activities of the economic entity and promote the development of the financial industry in the right direction.

Financial law is part of the economic law, not part of other law departments, the main reasons are: first, as the adjustment objects of financial law - finance and financial relationship, it has strong economic attribute, the core of economic relations between national economic regulation, market supervision in the process; second, the financial law has the general characteristics of the economic law department, the main functions such as financial law is the authority to confirm the state regulation and standardize the financial and market supervision responsibilities, safeguard the overall interests of society; third, financial law establishes the legal principle of state regulation and supervision of the financial industry, the financial authorities pursuant to the law regulation of the financial industry and financial market regulation, reflect the role of the norms of financial law on the restriction of government power and the nature of economic law.

4. Main Content

1) Financial market access

2) The scope of business of financial institutions

3) The autonomy of financial institutions

4) Depositors and the public investor protection

5) Macroeconomic regulation and control of financial market

6) Maintain financial market order

7) The establishment of financial credit mechanism

8) Regulate financial market opening to the outside world

5. Relevant Laws

1) Civil law

2) Commercial law

3) Administrative law

4) Economic law


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