Science Degree Program in China - Financial Mathematics

1. Introduction

Financial Mathematics is also known as mathematical finance, analytical finance, using mathematical tools to research finance, carry out quantitative analysis like mathematical modeling, theoretical analysis, and numerical calculation, in order to find financial inherent law and used to guide practice. Financial mathematics can also be understood as the application of modern mathematics and computing technology in the financial field, therefore, financial mathematics is a new cross discipline, development is very fast, is currently very active in the forefront of one. The core content is to study the optimal selection theory and asset pricing theory of investment portfolio under uncertain stochastic environment. Arbitrage, optimal and equilibrium are the basic economic theory and the three basic concepts of financial mathematics.

2. Research Content

(1) Pricing theory of negotiable securities and portfolio

(2) Incomplete market economic equilibrium theory (GEI)

(3) GEI flat balance algorithm, Monte Carlo method in calculation of economic balance point in the application and theory of GEI in the financial macroeconomic regulation and control application, under the condition of incomplete market, under sustainable development theory framework to study natural resources and assets pricing and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

3. Training Objectives

Financial mathematics program cultivates specialized personnel who grasp the fundamental theory and methods, basic skills of mathematical science, grasp the foundation of the financial theory and accept strict training in mathematical finance thinking and ability of the use of knowledge of financial mathematics, using computer technology to solve practical problems, receive strict training in scientific thinking, with a solid financial foundation and basis of the mathematics, can be employed in finance and securities, investment, insurance and other departments engaged in economic analysis, economic modeling, financial product design work.

4. Training Requirements

Systematically master the basic theory and methods of applied mathematics, finance, form solid knowledge of mathematics and rigorous mathematical thinking mode. Have sensitive ability to obtain information ability and information analysis. With the spirit of continuous learning and innovation, with certain scientific research and teaching ability, has the ability of being engaged .in the economic and financial field for quantitative analysis to solve the real economic problems and the design of economic mathematics model.

5. Main Courses

Mathematical analysis, higher algebra, analytic geometry, differential equations, probability theory, mathematical statistics, applied statistics, multivariate statistical analysis, operations research, numerical analysis, complex variable function, function of real variable, mathematical modeling and mathematical experiment, western economics, money and banking, measuring the economics, accounting, financial engineering, insurance, financial mathematics, computer application foundation etc.

6. Employment Prospects

Investment banks, merchandise trade or international trade companies (energy companies, airlines, large steel corp, mineral company and international big companies) to deal with commodity price risk and foreign exchange risk.


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