Public Security Degree Program in China - Fire Control Command

1. Introduction

Fire Control Command applies the basic theory of science of command, combines with the specific characteristics of the fire troops, and focuses on the study of fire forces fire rescue operations organization and command of the law, to guide the practice of organizing disaster relief command of science. As a knowledge system, the theory of fire control command is "the theory of military command" and "the theory of fire science" ". In the study of the general command of law, and it is similar to the combat command. However, the object and content of the research of fire control command have the relative independence, systematization and integration. The object of this research is: fire forces in peacetime and wartime fire, biochemical accident, nuclear accidents, major traffic accidents, floods, earthquakes and other disasters in the organization of fire fighting and rescue command. The research contents involve: Fire Science, fire tactical science, technology of fire science, fire engineering and firefighting equipment, disasters, studious, military management and other disciplines. Fire command theory system is by the basic theory of fire, military theory, operational command theory, basic theories of tactics, fire extinguishing technology and tactics of fighting, social emergency rescue command method constitute, it is fire rescue command and technical methods of knowledge system, forces command subject an irreplaceable subject categories.

2. Program Requirements

Systematically master the basic theory of the program, the basic knowledge and basic skills, it is important to grasp the fire tactics, management of fire forces, rescue, fire organization and command, fire skills training, and fire supervision and management knowledge and skills, familiar with the various fire control technology and facilities, has ability of being engaged in management of troops, fire training and fire rescue command.

3. Core Competencies

Management of fire fighting units and management of fire fighting and rescue

4. Training Objectives

The program trains senior professionals with knowledge and ability of fire engineering and fire fighting and rescue and other aspects; can be engaged in public security fire troops and enterprises and institutions for technology and management of fire protection engineering and fire fighting and rescue work.

Train senior technical application-oriented professionals familiar with public security work principles and policies and related laws and regulations, can engage in military management, fire rescue command, organization and training, and other aspects work.

5. Main Courses

Basic level fire army management, basic level firefighting army political work, firefighting equipment, fire tactics, rescue and salvage technology, fire fighting skills training, fire water supply, fire investigation, fire fighting training staff work, fire communication and command and control, fire protection engineering introduction, fire prevention supervision and management, public security and fire forces practice, social survey etc

Engineering mechanics, chemical engineering, fire burning theory, principle of design on building fire protection and prevention and extermination of the relief measures, firefighting equipment, fire control laws and regulations, fire engineering, supervision and management of fire protection, fire team management, fire rescue, military command science basic theory, forces of scientific management foundation, introduction of fire science, fire fighting technology, fire fighting tactics, fire skills training, modern firefighting equipment, fire rescue, fire command, fire control supervision and management.

6. Employment Prospects

Fire control command graduates mainly go the fire brigade. In accordance with the law, the fire brigade is responsible for the task of the national fire fighting and rescue, disaster relief and fire prevention.


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