Management Degree Program in China - Food and Beverage Management and Service

 1. Introduction

The restaurant industry is different from the business, also different from the industry, different from the pure service industry, in the modern society it belongs to the third industry, with the production and processing, food and beverage retail and labor services. And food and beverage management services, in general, only for restaurants and other training. No outside is with diet related training and service training. But if it is as a business manager, the service is the greatest achievement of customer satisfaction".

2. Training Objectives

Train senior management personnel and advanced technology application-oriented talents with the basic knowledge and service skills of modern food and beverage management, and engage in the management and service of food and beverage industry.

3. Core Abilities

1). Familiar with the western diet culture, with the catering industry planning advocacy, organizational operations, marketing and promotion of the ability 

2). Familiar with western-style food cooking (cooking) production process, can independently design and develop banquet dishes

3). Master the operation method of the restaurant and the daily equipment and facilities, and will be familiar with the use of modern food and beverage management software.

4). With a keen market insight, strong field coordination ability and good interpersonal communication skills.

4. Practice Teaching

Introduction to hotel management, modern hotel catering management, modern hotel catering marketing, catering services, wine knowledge and bar management, kitchen design and management, public relations, food nutrition and hygiene, in the western knowledge, management of food and beverage service integrated practice, cooking operation training, graduation thesis

5. Main Courses

Introduction to hotel management, food culture, tourism marketing, food hygiene management, restaurant management, restaurant service, management of food and beverage service, banquet design and food development, bar management, food marketing, hotel management practice, catering equipment management


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