Public Security Degree Program in China - Foreign Police Affair

1. Introduction

Foreign Police Affair program means that the public security organs and police officers exercise the powers of the police in accordance with the law, the implementation of administrative and criminal activities of the general term of the administrative and criminal activities, or the sum of the foreign public security management. Foreign factors include foreigners, foreign governments, foreign organizations, foreign institutions, also includes affairs occurring on their field related to the affairs of the country or citizen interests, has a very strong cross and permeability with diplomacy, international relations, international law, foreign administrative law, criminology, law and order management, investigation science and disciplines. Nowadays, the exchanges and cooperation between the public security organs and the police agencies around the world are further strengthened, and the international public security management and international criminal jurisdiction are further internationalized.

2. Program Characteristics

The teaching content of the foreign police affair not only includes the administration of foreign affairs, but also involves the foreign criminal investigation. The program organically integrates foreign related administrative management and foreign related criminal jurisdiction. The new program and teaching philosophy can not only meet the needs of talents cultivation model of public security education wide caliber in the future and discipline system has certain theoretical leading scientificity, can guide the practice of public security, to adapt to the needs of the changing of public security actual combat.

3. Training Objectives

The program aims to cultivate senior application-oriented specialized talents public security for the public security organs with solid basic theory, basic knowledge of foreign police, with professional skills of exit and entry management, foreign related cases disposal, enforcement of international police cooperation, high professional quality, strong practical ability, can be engaged in the work of exit entry administration, frontier inspection, the international community management, foreign-related cases investigated, peacekeeping police, foreign police liaison in the public security organs and in relevant areas for teaching and research work.

4. Training Requirements

The program requires students to have a strong application ability to communicate, master the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of public security and science of public order.

5. Knowledge and Skills

1) systematically grasp the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of the program;

2) with professional skills of the handling of foreign cases of exit and entry management, international police law enforcement cooperation and other aspects;

3) Master the basic means and methods of dealing with foreign affairs;

4) with good organizational and disciplinary style;

5) Strong language expression ability and writing ability, develop innovative ability, organization and management ability and good psychological quality.

6. Main Courses

The legal basis of foreign affairs, the introduction of foreign affairs, the entry and exit administration, the disposal of foreign cases, the introduction of international police cooperation, transnational crimes, international migration outline, international relations outline, diplomacy.

7. Employment Prospects

Exit and entry management departments at public security organs, inspection institutions of the armed police frontier defence and other foreign police departments for the exit and entry administration, international police cooperation, the United Nations peacekeeping police, frontier inspection, disposal of foreign cases, transnational crime investigation, transnational criminals and repatriation, international law enforcement liaison, international police cooperation, judicial assistance, embassies and consulates police liaison work.


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