Management Degree Program in China - Foreign-related Tourism

 1. Introduction

Foreign-related Tourism cultivates higher technology application-oriented talents who master the required basic knowledge, basic skills of foreign-related tourism industry management and service, can use the professional knowledge to conduct foreign-related tour guides, foreign-related hotel service, can skillfully use modern office equipment, has the ability to analyze and solve practical problems in the operation and management, familiar with international tourism development guidelines, policies and regulations, with good professional ethics and able to handle foreign-related tourism industry, enterprise service, operation and management.

2. Knowledge and Ability

Enterprise management and service skills of foreign-related tourism

3. Applied Theory Education and Practical Education

(1) The curriculum system focuses on practice

(2) The introduction of vocational qualification certificates, the implementation of the "double certificate education"

(3) Efforts to meet the requirements of future social roles

4. Professional Characteristics

1), Students' knowledge structure

2), Students’ ability structure

3), Professional ability development

5. Teaching Characteristics

1), Teacher resources

2), Education resources

6. Main Courses

Tourism introduction, world tourism geography, world history, basis of tourism, tourism and regulations to guide the practice, guide services, business manager, hotel operation and management, operation and management of travel agencies, Chinese and foreign folk customs, etiquette, tourist source country situation, introduction to tourism geography.

7. Employment Characteristics

After graduation, students mainly go to enterprises engaged in the following work: the international travel agencies, tour companies, large scenic spots, foreign-related hotels and all kinds of exhibition halls and other tourism enterprises engaged in tourism management and the tourism services, such as tour guides, travel agencies in the transfer, outreach, exit and intermediary companies, attractions, scenic tourism and leisure center, foreign-related hotel hall, business center service personnel


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