Management Degree Program in China - Forestry Economics & Management

1. Introduction

Forestry Economics & Management, which is a comprehensive subject, involves in forestry economics, forestry business operation management, forestry technology and economics, and so on.

2. Research Directions

1), forestry economic theory and policy;

2), forest ecological economy;

3), forestry finance and accounting;

4), forestry management project;

5), forest tourism management.

3. Main Content

Forestry economics and management course belongs to social science, industry economics, it is based on general and specialized economics, on the one hand, from the perspective of macroeconomic research in the field of forestry production, exchange, distribution and consumption sectors of the economy and the law and correctly handle the ecological, economic and social benefits and other issues; on the other hand from microeconomic point of view on how to reasonable organization of forestry productivity and resource allocation problems.

The main content: the forestry development history and development, forest resources economic evaluation, forest management, forestry enterprise management theory and element management, forestry enterprise's marketing, forestry economic evaluation and forestry projects feasibility study.

4. Training Objectives

The program cultivates senior application-oriented, compound talents with the basic theory of the system of economic science and management science, master the basic knowledge and skills of forestry economics and management, can in all kinds of related enterprises and forest, at all levels of government departments, education and scientific research units engaged in business management, marketing, administration, finance, property, teaching, scientific research.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory of management science and economic science and related scientific forestry basic knowledge, investigation, planning, technical and economic analysis, computer applications, and other aspects of basic training, master the business management, marketing, policy research and fundamentals.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1). Master the basic theories and knowledge of management science and economics, and have the relevant knowledge of forestry science and broader human and social science knowledge;

2). Master the basic methods of business management, technical and economic analysis, economic accounting, and social survey and so on;

3). with independent access to knowledge, computer applications and information processing, better language and text expression, organization and coordination, analysis and solve practical problems and other aspects of the basic ability;

4). Familiar with the relevant national policies and regulations;

5). Understand the theoretical front of the forestry economic science and the development trend of the management of forestry enterprises;

6). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain ability in scientific research and practical work.

6. Main Subjects

Agriculture and forestry economics and management, economics

7. Main Courses

Economics, forestry economics, management science principle, operation management of forestry business, technical economics of forestry, forest products marketing, forestry policy, forestry, such as introduction to, introduction to agriculture and animal husbandry science introduction, calculus, linear algebra, micro economics, agricultural products processing outline

8. Practice Teaching

Teaching practice, production practice, production labor, social practice, and the general arrangement is about 20 weeks.

9. Employment Prospects

Various kinds of grass and livestock (agricultural) industry enterprises, education and scientific research units and government departments at all levels, engaged in business management, marketing, finance and accounting and other comprehensive management and policy and theoretical study, engaged in grassland planning, ecological tourism, nature conservation area construction, grass industry in agricultural area, urban planning and landscape design, green lawn and motion field planting and maintenance, and animal products processing and protecting grassland of teaching, scientific research, development, production, planning, and other work.


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