Management Degree Program in China - Franchise Management

1. Introduction

Franchise Management, which belongs to the category of economic management, involves many fields like economics, management and law and comprehensively uses a series of contemporary cutting-edge theories like intellectual property, system theory, and lean management, integration of resources, a win-win game, investment and entrepreneurship. It is a new management with complex, advanced and practical features.

Its essence is the use of intellectual property rights as the core of the property transaction, is a successful business model, economic development model and social development model.

2. Main Subjects

Economics, management, law

3. Main Courses

Management, marketing, franchise introduction to business, logistics management, management information system, strategic management, project management, franchising laws, administration of franchise system, franchise credit assessment, Xu training and supervision, international franchise, government chartered the camp, the image of the store design, store management, chain supermarket management, capital operation, entrepreneurship, etc.

4. Training Requirements

1) Familiar with the characteristics and laws of traditional economy, traditional industries, traditional channels and traditional occupations;

2) Systematically master the basic theory of franchising and related disciplines, with a strong franchise system design, construction and operational management of the actual operating capacity;

3) Have a deep understanding and mastery of the knowledge and experience of a certain industry or several industries in which they are interested in;

4) With the ability and knowledge of preliminary consulting and diagnostic advice; 

5) With the necessary knowledge and skills to start their own business;

6) Deep study and understanding of retail, marketing, advertising, finance, human resources and other economic management knowledge.

5. Program Directions

Franchise management sets up two directions: Franchise Management (international franchising management direction), franchising management (venture capital and financial management).

Franchise management (international franchising management direction): master chartered professional business management theory, knowledge and method based on the requirements to adapt and reflect the needs of international franchising management talent, high degree of internationalization

Franchise management (risk investment and financial management): franchise as a model for the economic globalization, the advantage of brand effect and standardized management. However, there are also investment risks; the direction of the professional training goal is to master the circumvention risk investment management and financial management theories, knowledge and methods, for the franchise business to train senior management personnel of the investment and financial direction. The direction adds professional optional course of finance, investment and related disciplines.

6. Employment Prospects

At present, franchising enterprises involve in more than 70 industries, including automobile sales and services, catering, clothing, laundry, publishing, furniture, home improvement, health care, IT, education, hotels, real estate and leisure industries, such as. Franchise professionals are seriously lack.


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