Public Security Degree Program in China - Frontier Management

1. Introduction

Frontier Management program cultivates senior specialized talents with the knowledge and ability of country border management, management of troops and exit and entry frontier inspection etc., can be engaged in border control forces of public security and exit entry management departments for country border management and exit - entry frontier inspection.

2. Main Courses

International law, criminal law, criminal procedure law, contemporary world economy and politics, border regulations of public security, public security learn introduction, security management, science of criminal reconnaissance, border management, science of border service, frontier science of tactics, frontier defense intelligence, frontier inspection, passport and visa system, etc.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of law, public security border defense business, force management, receive basic training in country border management, border service and tactics, passport and transportation tools check (custody), with the basic ability of border on duty, disposing border incidents in accordance with the law, managing the force and inspecting (supervising) passport, transportation tools.

4. Knowledge and ability

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of law, management and public security;

2). Master the skills of frontier defence duty, handling emergencies and passport documents and inspection (monitoring) of the transportation means according to law;

3). with the basic ability of country border management, troops management, border affairs concerning the foreign, exit and entry frontier inspection work;

4). Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of border management and foreign affairs concerning foreign affairs;

5). Understand the development dynamics of the system;

6). Master the basic method of document retrieval, data query, with a certain scientific ability of research and practical work.

5. Similar Programs

Public security, investigation study, border management, fire investigation, anti narcotics, police dog technology, economic crime investigation, border command, the command for fire protection, security, crime, economic crime investigation, public security intelligence, anti narcotics.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates are mainly engaged in the public security frontier forces and the people's police and the armed police force in the entry and exit management department for the country border management and entry and exit frontier inspection and other aspects work. Graduates can also go to the government's foreign affairs departments, security, customs, finance, taxation, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions.


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