Fudan University Shanghai Medical College

Accommodation in Fudan University Shanghai Medical College, China

On-Campus Accommodation

Fudan University Shanghai Medical College offers international students on-campus accommodation and the hostel executes Hotel Style Management. Single Room and Double Room are available to international students. For the international student who chooses the double room, the roommate could be assigned by the University or chosen by the international student after reaching the University. Separate floor accommodations are provided for male and female. There are rules and regulations for accommodation, students shall read carefully after reaching the University.
The hostel building equips with private bathroom with 24 hours hot water supply, air conditioner, telephone, free electric kettle, Internet access, required amenities and furniture and public refrigerator, laundry and kitchen and convenience store, mailbox. Beddings will be provided to short-term students only.
Students are required to pay the electricity, water and internet they use. Please book accommodation in advance after receiving the admission notice since there are always outnumbering dormitory applicants than the number of rooms available.
Off-Campus Accommodation
Off-campus accommodation is also allowed for international students at Fudan University Shanghai Medical College. If you cannot book a room at Foreign Students Dormitory on time, you may choose off-campus accommodation.
Off Campus Accommodation Registration
Shanghai adopts accommodation registration management for foreign students who live off-campus. Within 10 days after international students’ entry, within 24 hours after moving into the apartment, international students will need to go to local police station to go through the temporary accommodation registration procedures.
1. Sign a contract with the landlord and ask him to apply for a Security License for his apartment.
2. Go to International Students Office and ask for Off-Campus Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Students of Fudan University. International Students Office will sign and stamp the form and give the second page back to the student.
3. Go to local police station to apply for a Temporary Accommodation Registration Form (the yellow page) with the passport, copy of passport, one passport-sized photo, contract, Security License for the apartment (provided by the landlord) and Off-Campus Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Students of Fudan University. 
International students will need to submit Temporary Accommodation Registration Form when they apply for residence permit. Students with F visa should also keep the form well in case of any check.
Notice: During international students’ study here, if he/she changes the address, he/she will need to go through the same procedures again.
The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!