Fudan University Shanghai Medical College

Medical Overseas Students at Fudan University Shanghai Medical College, China

International student education is an important direction in Fudan University’s turn towards internationalization. Fudan was one of the first universities to accept foreign exchange students since the Communist Revolution. Fudan was the first university in the nation to found an exchange student center in 2003, and the whole school worked towards establishing exchanges. It was the first school in the nation to promote uniformity in management of study for foreign students, establishing a foreign exchange student education system that links Fudan with the world while still according with the conditions of development in China.

Fudan University Shanghai Medical College currently has 6,802 enrolled medical students, including 1,579 doctoral candidates, 2,014 master degree students and 2,504 undergraduates. The number of international medical students reaches 212, including 10 doctoral candidates, 48 master degree students, 154 undergraduates.
Fudan University Shanghai Medical College has established communications and cooperation with well-known universities and institutions all over the world with a multinational student’s body.
With the development of international education, Fudan University Shanghai Medical College will continually improve the teaching and administration mechanism, speed up the construction of basic facilities and infrastructures, which can make Fudan University Shanghai Medical College a brighter future.
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