Science Degree Program in China - Natural Geography and Resource Environment

1. Introduction

Natural Geography and Resource Environment program trains senior specialized talents in resource environment and urban rural planning and management with the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of resources and environment & urban and rural planning and management, can work in scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises and administrative departments engaged in scientific research, teaching, resource development utilization and planning, management.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains specialized talents with the basic theory, knowledge and skills of the natural geography and resource environment, with innovative consciousness and practical ability, accept strict scientific thinking training and good professional skills training, has certain ability of carrying out scientific research.

High-quality compound talents based on the surface features of the earth and its changes, natural resource management, environmental protection, 3S technology, can be employed in the enterprises and institutions engaged in natural geography, environmental change research and resource management, protection or application of the environment.

3. Main Subjects

Geography, environmental science

4. Main Courses

Geology, physical geography, land planning, cartography, remote sensing application, management science, environment science, environmental monitoring, environmental economics, land evaluation and land management, resource science, computation and management of water resources, landscape ecology, ecological environmental planning, environmental chemistry, geographic information system (GIS), quantitative geography, geology, geomorphology, geographic information system, remote sensing and digital image processing.

5. Practice Teaching

1) Classroom practice: earth introduction experiment, cartography experiment, experiment of geology and cartography experiment, physical experiment, chemistry experiment, comprehensive physical geography experiment, water environmental chemistry experiment, hydraulic testing, microbial and aquatic biology experiments, instrumental analysis experiment

2) Professional practice: water environment and water ecological monitoring and analysis, water ecological protection and repair practice, soil and water conservation principles and technical practice, etc.

3) Curriculum design: curriculum design of engineering hydrology, curriculum design of water resources assessment and management.

4) Curriculum practice: surveying teaching practice, geological and geomorphological understanding practice, cartography teaching practice, regional resource survey practice, application practice of geographic information system, remote sensing practice, geography specialty practice, etc.

6. Employment

After graduation, students can be engaged in scientific research and management like land and resources integration, the development and utilization, planning and management of natural resources, environmental protection and governance, ecological environment planning and urban planning and management.

7. Related Disciplines

 Ecology, planning


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