Science Degree Program in China - Geography Science

1. Introduction

Geography Science program is the discipline that deeply studies geographical features like the geological and surface morphology from various angles, and it is also a study of the relationship between the area and people's life. The research can be divided into two major areas, namely, natural geography, which takes the terrain, geology, climate, ocean and other natural environment as the object of and population, city, transportation, culture and other objects of human geography. In addition, there are a lot of research on the application of geography, the students will be exposed to many aspects of knowledge like the geology, exploration, mapping, geographic information systems, urban and rural planning and so on.

Geography science program includes introduction to earth, geology basis, geomorphology, meteorology and climatology, geographic information system (GIS), human geography, plant geography, soil geography, hydrology and natural resources principle, measurement and cartography, Chinese geography, world geography, multi media courseware making, geography teaching theory, introduction to remote sensing, etc.

2. Training Objectives

Geography science trains talents who master the basic theory of geographical science, basic knowledge and basic methods, with the geography scientific thinking, with solid basis, adapt to a wide range, strong sense of innovation and practical ability of high-quality geography education and environmental education and related profession.

3. Training Requirements

Students mainly study the basic theories and methods of geography science, geography scientific thinking and the geography scientific skills training, and pay attention to the cultivation of theory and method of environmental science, and through the curriculum of educational theory and teaching practice link, the formation of good quality of teachers, obtained from the basic ability of Geography Teaching, geography teaching, geography research, geography practical application and environmental education.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) With solid knowledge of geography and environmental science, master the basic experimental skills and basic ideas and methods of geographical sciences and environmental sciences;

2) Master educational laws and regulations, master and be able to use the basic theory of education and psychology, have a good teacher quality and basic ability to engage in geography education and environmental education;

3) Understand the latest development of geographical science and the latest research results of geography education, to understand the general principles and knowledge of similar professional disciplines, and to obtain a wide range of humanities;

4) With the basic ability to use modern educational technology to develop the geography teaching and environmental education;

5) Master the basic methods of information retrieval, document retrieval and the use of modern information technology to obtain relevant information, and have certain scientific research ability.

5. Main Subjects


6. Main Courses

Map and remote sensing, physical geography, human geography, economic geography, Chinese geography, world geography, geographical information system, geography teaching theory, regional analysis and planning, environmental protection and sustainable development, etc.

7. Practice Teaching

Indoor and field practice, production practice and graduation thesis, the general arrangement is 10-12 weeks.

8. Program Experiments

Cartology experiment, experiment of geology, geomorphology experiment, weather and experiment of climatology, hydrology experiment, experiment of plant geography, soil geography experiment, sedimentology experiment, geographical simulation experiment, the experiment of geographical information system, etc.

9. Similar Programs

Resource environment and urban and rural planning management, geographic information system, surveying and mapping engineering, urban planning, tourism management, geological engineering

10. Employment Prospects

1) Teachers: engaged in geography teaching

2) Editor: engaged in the map publishing house for the map drawing, editing work

3) Civil servants

4) Engineering survey staff: engaged in the large construction group for construction, land surveying and other related work.


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