Science Degree Program in China - Geology

1. Introduction

Geology is one of the five basic disciplines of natural science with mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology. Geology is a natural philosophy that discusses how is the evolution of the earth; geology originates in human society demand on petroleum, coal, metal and nonmetal mineral resources, geology mineral resources exploration, guided by the geology, is the fundamental source of the survival and development of human society. Geology is the knowledge system that studies the earth's material composition, internal structure, external features, the interaction between the layers of the circle and the evolution history. With the development of social productive forces, human activities on the earth's impact is more and more big, the geological environment of human constraints are also more and more obvious. How reasonable and effective use of the earth's resources, the maintenance of the environment of human survival, has become a common concern of today's world. Therefore, the field of geology is further extended to the interaction between man and earth.

2. Research Objects

The research object of geology is the earth. The earth includes the solid earth and its outer atmosphere. Solid earth includes three main circles: the outermost layer - earth's crust, middle mantle and centrospheres. At present, it is mainly to study the upper layer of the solid earth, that is, the upper part of the crust and the mantle, including minerals and rocks, strata and fossils, geological structures and geological processes.

3. Research characteristics

Geological research must be based on a certain proportion of the actual field survey, with the corresponding indoor research. Field investigations and laboratory studies constitute a complete geological process of observation, recording (including drawing) sampling, preliminary synthesis, test analysis, improvement, and review and verification. Geology research is a comprehensive investigation of its research objects.

With the development of production and science and technology, the geology of the study introduces a lot of new technologies and new methods, such as different geophysical prospecting, geochemical prospecting method, scientific deep drilling technology, methods of isotope geology, aviation and remote sensing geological methods, modern electrical sub computer technology, high temperature and high pressure simulation experiment.

4. Training Objectives

Geology program trains senior specialized talents with the basic theory of geology, basic knowledge, basic skills and related disciplines of basic knowledge, have good scientific literacy and preliminary research, teaching and management ability, can engage in geological scientific research or teaching work in scientific research institutions, schools, and engaged in technology development and technology management in mine, metallurgy, building materials, petroleum, coal, material, environment, infrastructure, tourism development and administrative departments engaged in the management work.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of geology, basic research and applied basic research of scientific thinking and scientific practice training, master the basic skills of geological survey, scientific research, resource development and management.

6. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry and so on;

2) Master the basic theory, basic knowledge and skills of Geology (including field geological work method);

3) understand the general principles and knowledge of similar majors;  

4) Understand science and technology policy, intellectual property rights and sustainable development strategy and other relevant policies and regulations;  

5) understand the theoretical frontier of geology, the application prospect and the latest development trends, as well as the status of resource development;  

6) Master the basic method of data information, document retrieval and use of modern information technology to obtain customs information; have certain ability of experimental design, to create conditions for the experiment, induction, collation, analysis of the experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

7. Main Courses

Geology, the crystallization of mineralogy, paleontology, historical geology, petrology, structural geology, deposit, and geophysics exploration method, geochemical and remote sensing technology

8. Practice Teaching

The experiment and practice of the main courses are arranged in the curriculum; field geological understanding practice, the regional geological survey practice and graduation practice, the general arrangement is 6-12 weeks.

9. Similar Programs

Natural Science: geology, geochemistry, geophysics; engineering: resource exploration engineering, geological engineering

10. Employment Direction

Geology program students after graduation can not only be engaged in geological science teaching in colleges and universities, but also can be engaged in national resources and energy exploration, development and environmental protection, urban construction, urban transport, ports, water conservancy hydropower construction, national defense and geological disaster monitoring and the prevention institutions for research work.



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