Guangxi Medical University

Why Study Medicine at Guangxi Medical University, China

Brief Introduction

1. History

The origin of Guangxi Medical University goes back to 1934 due to shortage of medical service providers in southern China during the war, which caused a large amount of life lost. Thus, people felt that it is urgently needed to found a medical school for cultivating medical personnel. The pioneers wished that the school can provide medical security for future generations in southern China. Therefore, in the early stage, the school only provided undergraduate education, and at that time, the society also lacked for high level medical education.

It was formerly Guangxi Provincial Medical College. In 1940, the school site moved to Guilin. Before 1949, during the war, the school migrated seven times and changed the name for three times. In November 1949, its name changed to Guangxi Province Medical School. In 1952, the Central Health Ministry entrusted Zhongnan health to lead the school directly. In April 1953, the Central Ministry of Health approved the name of Guangxi Medical College. In July 1954, the school moved from Guilin to Nanning, where it’s located till now. In May 1996, the Ministry of Education approval renamed Guangxi Medical University.

2. Campus Overview

Guangxi Medical University is located in the ‘Green City’ Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is one of the key prestigious universities in Guangxi and also a base for medical education, medical research as well as clinical and preventive medicine. The new campus covers an area of more than 666.67 square meters (one of the key projects of “Second Five-Year Plan” of Guangxi Government education planning).

Guangxi Medical University now has 25 colleges (including 9 which are not directly under clinical medical college). There are 14,396 full-time students, including 3,340 higher vocational students, 7,101 undergraduate students, 2,948 master degree’s students, 253 doctoral students, and 754 international students studying in the university. Students are from all over 26 provinces, Autonomous Regions and Municipalities of the country directly under the central government and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and 19 countries.

3. Discipline Construction

After seventy-eight years’ development, Guangxi Medical University has become a comprehensive medical university that is able to cultivate professionals in various fields such as clinical medicine, preventive medicine, stomatology, nursing, pharmacology, etc.

The university now has medicine, science, technology, literature, management, law and so on six big disciplines, it is the first batch of master degree authorization unit and the second batch of doctor's degree authorization unit approved by the state council, with a total of three doctorate authorization first-level discipline, 10 master's degree authorization first-level discipline, 1 doctoral degree training unit, 3 Master's degree training units, 4 post-doctoral mobile research centers and 1 national key (foster) disciplines. 

MBBS program

Guangxi Medical University is one of the 45 universities which have been authorized to enroll international students for MBBS program in English by Ministry of Education of China for her comprehensive qualified English curriculum. Since 1958, the University has warmly welcomed international students from more than fifty-four countries. Presently, there are over seven hundred international students from twenty countries studying medical science and Chinese in the University.

4. Strong Faculty

The school now has 1178 full-time teachers, of which 303 with the orthometric title, 309 subtropical high title, senior title of professional teachers accounted for 52%, Master's or higher degree in teaching accounted for 78%, 2 candidates as pacesetter project  in the new century national, six national young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution, the ministry of education listed seven in the new century excellent talents to support plan, 72 candidates enjoy special government allowances of the state council experts, 31 candidates as Guangxi ‘1000 new century talents project’ the second level, three candidates as Guangxi ‘BaGui scholars’, three distinguished Professors, 46 candidates in the Chinese medical association professional members of the standing committee, and 36 series of Chinese medical journal editors, 49 are professional institute of Guangxi Medical association members, and there is also a group of excellent talents which were elected to the national and provincial colleges and universities young and middle-aged leading talents cultivating objects. 

5. Scientific Research

Guangxi Medical University plays a leading role in the field of hemoglobin research, snake venom research, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, liver cancer prevention study, gynecological oncology, liver transplantation, replantation of amputated finger, peripheral blood stem cell transplantation research, which parallels domestic or international advanced level. As the sponsor of the "Journal of Guangxi Medical University" (Natural Science and Social Science Edition) and "Chinese Journal of Cancer Prevention and Treatment" (Ministry of Health in charge) and "Journal of Colorectal & Anal Surgery" (affiliated to Surgery Branch of Chinese Medical Association).

Guangxi Medical University has great influence in academic and social investigation with her domestic and foreign public offering, above all, the “Journal of Guangxi Medical University”, as one of the Chinese core journals, entitled with “excellent journal title”. Since the period of “11th five-year plan”, the school won 1,669 items at or above the provincial level topic, including 372 items presided over of national natural science fund, projects and funds in colleges and universities in Guangxi, a national science and technology progress prize, the progress of science and technology special contribution award in Guangxi, Guangxi scientific and technological progress first prize and other 138awards, 25 pieces applied for and licensed patent, 957 SCI papers published articles. Host has a “Chinese Journal of Cancer Prevention and Control”, “Journal of Colorectal Surgical Anal Diseases”, 3 academic journals, including “Journal of Guangxi Medical University”, to the public at home and abroad, among them, “Journal of Guangxi Medical University” is China's comprehensive medical health class and the Chinese core journals of science and technology.

6. Great Educational facilities

Guangxi Medical University has high quality of teaching, scientific research and medical facilities. It has the good equipment for teaching and scientific research and teaching of public facilities, schools clinical skills training center, which is a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, with a total area of 3000 square meters, equipped with more than 300 high-end modern teaching equipment monitoring and controlling of the multimedia teaching recorded playback system. There are 4,163 sets of computer teaching, 17,003 seats in multi-media classroom and phonetic laboratory. Library collections have 1.2311 million copies of books, electronic books 12.5 TB, 32.5 TB of digital resources. The campus information network function is good, ‘gigabit (1 GBPS) give priority to dry, correlates to the desktop’, covering the entire school district and the directly affiliated hospital. Of the three schools and administer directly affiliated hospital, teaching, scientific research, the Medical treatment equipment is advanced, with confocal laser scanning system, such as ultra-high speed CT large number of modern facilities.

7. Achievements

So far, Guangxi Medical University has won the first place among 17 colleges and universities in Guangxi, has trained more than 40000 medical talents on different levels, who have become leaders in Guangxi higher medical education, medical science and health service career development backbone. Since the period of ‘11th five-year plan’, the school undergraduate overall employment are more than 90% a year, the national examination of doctors' qualifications (clinical practitioners) average passing rate nearly 20% higher than the national average. In 2008, the school won the ministry of education undergraduate teaching level evaluation of outstanding achievement. In 2011, as the country's first after the formal implementation of the medical professional certification of medical colleges and universities by the Ministry of Education of clinical medicine professional certification, the national third universities accept and passed the certification of the nursing professional pilot.

8. Communication and Cooperation

Since the 1980’s, Guangxi Medical University has sent more than 3,000 outstanding teachers and scientific research personnel to universities, hospitals, medical or research institutions, academic institutions of more than 50 countries and regions, such as United States, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and so on, study for a degree and conducting international academic exchanges, and established a stable academic communication channels and cooperative relations. Meanwhile, school receives more than 4,000 experts and scholars from more than 40 countries and regions, to access, teaching, communication and scientific research cooperation.




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