Guangxi Medical University

Medical Internship at Guangxi Medical University, China

MBBS program at Guangxi Medical University is based on international criteria for medical education. The last year is for medical internship and clinical rotation after 5 years of theory study aimed at training international medical talents with solid medical knowledge, standard clinical skills and sound professional qualities. After graduation, students can participate in national qualification examinations in their home countries.

Guangxi Medical University now has 81 practice bases of clinical teaching (including 7 community health service centers and MBBS practice and teaching bases), 1 training base of medical humanities skills and 12 affiliated hospitals. The affiliated hospitals are all "three-level" hospitals, among which there are 3 directly affiliated hospitals: First Affiliated Hospital, Affiliated Tumor Hospital and Affiliated Stomatological Hospital. The directly affiliated hospitals are the largest comprehensive "three-level" hospital or specialized hospital in Guangxi Province, leading the development of Guangxi higher medical education, medical scientific research and medical health services.



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