Sociology Degree Program in China - Home Economics

1. Introduction

Home Economics takes the human family life as the main object of study, in order to improve the quality of family life, and enhance the quality of the members of the family, for the benefit of all mankind, a comprehensive application-oriented discipline to guide people's family life and social life, ethical emotion life.

2. Differences between Housekeeping and Home Economics

Housekeeping refers to specific domestic activities, the real objects and behaviors that housekeeping home economics contains are the study subjects of home economics, study of home economics is to enrich the content of housekeeping.

3. Training Objectives

Home economics, with the newest education idea, is committed to training high-quality home economics professionals with the housekeeping system science basic theory and related professional knowledge, master household management, family education, nutrition, diet, community service, clothing fabric, family financial management, career guidance, the elderly nursing, marriage guidance, consumption planning professional skills to in companies, enterprises and institutions, community and other departments engaged in industrial management and personnel training and research and scientists and political teachers and related industries, the promotion of personnel, make the student has a broad and solid knowledge, also has the market survey, family life guidance, industry management practical operation skills.

4. Specific Content

(1) Family material life. Such as housing, interior decoration, furniture and decoration; diet and nutrition; clothing and sewing; family animal and plant breeding, etc.

(2) Family spiritual and cultural life, mainly including the family education; the ideal sentiment mold; the entertainment, the sports, the traveling activity arrangement and so on.

(3) Family interpersonal relationship. There is family internal relationship; family external relations, including neighborhood relations, family relations and family members of the relationship between the work units; love and marriage, etc.

(4) Family medical health. Have health and care, family planning and prenatal and postnatal care, sexual life and physical health knowledge, health food etc.

(5) Other aspects: family security, including fire prevention, anti-theft, deratization, killing mosquito, fly, electric shock prevention, gas poisoning prevention, etc.

5. Main Courses

Home economics introduction, sociology of family, family nutrition, home management, family education, family nursing, family psychology, aesthetic dress, actual social etiquette, introduction to diet culture, in Western cooking, marriage and family life guidance, room decoration and design, flower art and flower cultivation.

6. Training Requirements

Through the professional learning, the program requires the students to systematically master the basic theory, professional knowledge and professional skills of home economics; familiar with domestic basic research methodology, master the domestic industry market planning, operation and forecast skill; can use scientific knowledge to guide family life, also have the ability to impart knowledge about family life knowledge; learn the domestic and foreign professional frontier and development trends; with high ability of computer application; have strong practical ability to provide scientific guidance to improve people's living quality.

7. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can be engaged in domestic training, management, teaching and research work, can also engaged in industrial planning, development, marketing and promotion and other work related to the family needs. Home economics will be devoted to the cultivation of innovative, complex and applied domestic talents.

(1) Family service management senior specialist

(2) Children's products industry development and design talent

(3) Food culture industry senior management personnel

(4) Senior management talent in senior centers

(5) Household goods industry senior planning and management personnel

(6) Costume design and planning talent

(7) Preschool education management, teaching talent


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