Management Degree Program in China - Hospitality Management

 1. Introduction

Hospitality Management program cultivates secondary vocational and technical application-oriented professionals that adapt to the production, construction, management and the first line of services. Hospitality management requires students to master the basic theory of economic management, the basic knowledge of hotel, catering and tourism, with the basic management and service capabilities of the hotel. After graduation, the students mainly go to the restaurant, the hotel, to do the basic management of the hotel and catering, room service.

2. Training Requirements

The program focuses on the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality; mainly learn the basic knowledge of economic management, the basic theory of the hotel. The discipline emphasizes skills training; students will accept various skills training in the practice of catering of hotels and guest rooms post in school.

3. Ability Training

1) with the character of integrity and perseverance and responsible professional ethics and teamwork spirit;

2) with good basic professional knowledge and self - learning ability, enterprising and innovation awareness;

3) master the modern service concept; understand the development trend of modern service industry;

4) familiar with the business knowledge of hotel lobby, guest rooms, catering, recreation and other departments;

5) familiar with hotel industry regulations;

6) with the management and basic service ability of hotel's lobby, guest rooms, catering, recreation, exhibition;

7) with a strong ability in computer operation, text expression, interpersonal communication.

4. Main Courses

Introduction to hotel management, modern hotel management, modern hotel marketing, the modern hotel marketing, hotel financial management, hotel accounting, financial management of modern hotel, modern hotel catering management, modern hotel lobby and hotel management, hotel service skills and Western knowledge, nutrition and sanitation of food, public relations, hotel psychology, tourism science introduction, catering service and management, vegetables and drinks, service and management conference, recreation service and management, tourism psychology, etiquette, tourism laws and regulations, operation and management of catering, operation and management of the lobby, shape body, guide services, travel agency management, marketing, computer literacy and application.

5. Practice Teaching

Project teaching practice

Etiquette training (including physical etiquette training, daily communication etiquette training, make-up training, etc)

Core training sessions of hotel front-line departments (including related skills training of hotel front-line core departments like the lobby, guest rooms, catering and others)

Exhibition simulation practice

6. Program Practice

1) food and beverage service practice

2) hotel marketing practice

3) front office and room service and management practice

4) hotel internship

7. Management Level

(1) Waiter operation layer

(2) The supervisory level

(3) The management layer of department operation

(4) The decision-making layer of the general manager

8. Employment Prospect

Students after graduation can be engaged in the following work: welcome, front desk reception and room service of various kinds of hotels, restaurants; staff of various types of tourism companies, travel management departments; floor management, hall management, consulting, exhibition and other work of all kinds of hotels, restaurants; engaged in business negotiations, foreign liaison services of all kinds of hotels, restaurants business sectors; engaged in market research, intelligence, information services and other work in various kinds of hotels, restaurants business departments.

9. Development Prospects

Hospitality Management, is one of the world's top ten industries, senior hospitality management talents have been very scarce in the world. In the international talent market, the hospitality management personnel are in short supply.

1) Industry capacity is big.

2) Senior talents are in shortage.

3) Attach importance to qualifications and sustainable development.


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