Hospitality Internship in China

 Brief Introduction

Recently, experts’ projection showed that hospitality in China will become a $100 billion industry in the next ten years. In China there are 4 rooms per 1,000 capita, this is going to rise in the next ten years and it is expected to exceed hotel rooms per capita in western countries. This showed huge opportunities for those involved in China’s hospitality, tourism, and hotel management as well as foreign interns. Foreign student, recent graduate, or someone switching careers the hospitality industry in China is something any potential intern should consider. The number of the best five star hotels and restaurants are increased day by day in all small and big cities across China. Interestingly, the rapid growth in the hospitality and tourism industry promising job offer for those that complete an internship in any China Hospitality industry.
Hospitality industry in china
China is on the fast track to becoming the cultural and economic center of Asia again. All Chinese cities have good economic performance; foreigner could benefit the first growing economy of China. The hospitality industry is the largest and one of the most dynamic in the world today, especially in China. This offers boundless possibilities in an exciting field in which new areas are opening up every day. The foreign students with energy, creativity, a true entrepreneurial spirit, and fingertips hospitality, will be able to reach positions of responsibility very early on in his/her career. Chinese hospitality industry companies offer hospitality internships in entrepreneurial settings, or large hospitality groups, rising starts of the food & beverage industry, working with passionate chefs. If an intern chooses hospitality or tourism management, the internship positions are on the great demand across China. Foreign intern in any Chinese hospitality industry will discover new countries, new cultures, new people, and new ideas.
Benefits of Hospitality Internship in China 
Chinese Hospitality industry companies offer a wide range of internship placements from internationally acclaimed fine dining restaurants and five-star hotels to new hip cafes and boutique hotels. Here are some benefits for a foreigner who is doing their internship in China: 
1.Hone your professional skill set in the Chinese hospitality and customer service industry
2.Gain experience in a top company involved in the Chinese hospitality industry
3.Learn Mandarin Chinese and understand the Chinese culture
4.Possible job offer after completion of hospitality internship in China
5.Intern will have an opportunity to experience all areas of hotel operations with an emphasis on front office procedures. 
6.Intern will receive at least two weeks of training and then take on the duties of a Guest Service Manager. 
7.Intern will also spend one day per week assisting the Hotel Manager to gain an insight into executive level management. 
8.Opportunities will also exist for those that are interested to gain experience in Housekeeping Supervision and Building Maintenance
Duties of intern in most hospitality industry companies in China
There are many aspects to a hospitality internship, such as: operation management, event planning, marketing, and customer service. If you have ever thought of working at a hotel, resort, or conference center, a hospitality internship is right choice. In addition, the internship enables an intern to gain insights of Chinese business and society. An intern could be offered the opportunity to perform from the following tasks: and greet customers upon entrance, customers in accommodations, the luggage of the customers to the rooms, 
4.ensure that best services are offered to the customers, 
5.visit the rooms to meet customers, and ask if any assistance is required, 
6.coordinate with other departments, 
7.offer special packages and services to clients,
8. participate in promotional campaigns, 
9.ensure excellent customer satisfaction, 
10.And perform other tasks assigned by the hotel manager. A hospitality intern typically reports to a hotel manager. 
Job seekers, who have internships on their CV, have a better chance at landing a full-time position. Recent survey shown that more than 70% foreigner who had finish their internship in China are hired directly into the company for which they originally worked. 

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