Science Degree Program in China - Human Geography

1. Introduction

The development of human geography has experienced the process of knowledge accumulation, the formation of discipline and the evolution of theory, the differentiation of discipline, and the innovation of theory and method. According to its development order, it can be divided into three stages: ancient, modern and modern.

2. Basic Content

Human geography in general can be divided into comprehensive theoretical part, general introduction (department human geography) and monographs (regional human geography).

The comprehensive theory of human geography mainly refers to the study of the relationship between man and land. The general theory of human geography part can be divided into three aspects of economy, politics, society and culture. Human geography monograph includes regional geography study on human factors in various areas.

3. Economic Geography

Economic geography takes the regional distribution and spatial organization of human economic activities, such as the production, distribution and consumption distribution of human production and living materials. After the discovery of the modern geography, the commercial activity of the human being has been flourishing, this has produced the predecessor of economic geography.

The traditional economic geography is concerned with the distribution of resources, production and business and the relationship between the natural environment and the production layout, location analysis is the core of the research. The theory of location and center has played an important role in the development of geography and other subjects.

The research of modern economic geography has begun to pay attention to the influence of social structure, government policy and people's behavior and decision on economic distribution. Some scholars believe that tourism is a kind of economic activity, so tourism geography is one of the components of economic geography.

4. Political Geography

Political geography is through the study of the national and territorial relationship to analyze the regional system of political phenomenon, and analyze the political, military, economic and religious backgrounds of various groups of countries and regions of the world.

5. Research Characteristics

Research characteristics of human geography are comprehensive, regional and dynamic, which are the common characteristics of all branches of geography, and also with the characteristic of taking cultural phenomenon as the research subject, its research object although have similarities with social science, but its focus on regional distribution characteristics and cultural phenomenon and the geographical environment in relation to each other, and is different from the Social Sciences, to form its unique theory and methods, become a interdisciplinary frontier science.

As a discipline in geography which is nearly humanities or social science disciplines, human geography in research method is the use of geography in the traditional method (faithfully investigation, using maps, etc.) and modern methods, such as aerial photos, satellite photograph, geographical model, we have also introduced a large amount of social science methods, such as sample survey and quantitative technology, psychology and behavior science and other research methods. Geography is a subject which studies the spatial distribution of the natural phenomena and human phenomena on the surface of the earth as well as the relationship between them. The human geography and the natural geography are the two major components of each other. Therefore, the development of human geography plays an important role in the development of geography.


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