Education Degree Program in China - Human Kinetic Science

1. Introduction

Human Kinetic Science is a discipline group that studies the relationship and the law between sports and human body, including sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports biomechanics, sports biochemistry, sports rehabilitation and sports medicine and other disciplines.

Human kinetic science program trains sports technology coach, guardian of sports nutrition and sports injury, sports science research personnel, national fitness guidance and research personnel, human kinetic science teachers and other related professional technical expertise.

2. Main Subjects

Biology, clinical medicine, physical education, education, psychology

3. Main Courses

Pedagogy, higher mathematics, basic chemistry, physics, anatomy, sports anatomy, human physiology and exercise physiological, biochemistry and sports biochemistry, sports biomechanics, sports health, sports rehabilitation, medical supervision, basic and clinical medical, in medicine and health rehabilitation, sports training, sports psychology, exercise immunology, sports practice and analysis of, computer application, sports (athletics, gymnastics, ball games, etc.)

The main practical teaching: including the sports team practice, graduation thesis, etc.

Major professional experiment: the scientific selection of athletes, the diagnosis and evaluation of the physical function of the athletes, medical supervision and rehabilitation

4. Similar Programs

Physical education, social sports

5. Research Directions

1) Sports biomechanics

2) Sports anatomy

3) Sports physiology

4) Sports biochemistry

5) Sports medicine

6) Sports therapy

6. Training Objectives

The program cultivates high-level talents who master the professional knowledge of the basic theoretical system of human kinetic science suitable for the development of modern sports. Graduates can be engaged in higher physical faculties, research institutions, sports training base and health rehabilitation department for human movement science teaching, scientific research, sports and rehabilitation guidance.

Specific requirements: understand the progress and trends of modern sports human science; master the experimental technology of sports human science, the processing and analysis skills of measurement data; with good theoretical research and application ability, ability to organize and carry out scientific research, laboratory and field tests; can study and solve the related theoretical and practical issues in the field of sports human body science, and have some innovative ability; with a good command of computer related operation and application.

7. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of human kinetic science, receive basic training of professional experimental skills and master the basic ability of teaching and scientific research.

8. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of biological science, clinical medicine and physical education;

2) Master the diagnosis and evaluation of the physical function of the athletes, sports injury and rehabilitation analysis methods;

3) With the basic ability to engage in sports science teaching, research and experimental operation;

4) Familiar with the relevant sports, scientific research, social development policies, policies and regulations;

5) understand the professional and related disciplines of the development dynamics and theoretical frontiers;

6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query and have certain ability of scientific research and practical work.

9. Employment Prospects

Various kinds of teaching units, training bases, sports scientific research institutions, medical and health, health care and rehabilitation departments


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