Management Degree Program in China - Human Resource Management

 1. Introduction

Human Resources Management, refers to the general term of a series of activities for effective use of related human resources inside and outside the organization under the guidance of economics and humanistic thought, through the recruitment, selection, training, compensation and other forms of management, to meet the organization's current and future development needs, to achieve objectives of the organization to ensure maximum development of members. It is to predict the organization's human resources needs and make manpower planning, recruitment and selection of personnel and conduct effective organization, performance appraisal and incentive compensation payments, combine with organizations and individuals needs to realize effective development in order to achieve optimal performance of the organization.

2. Classification

Human resource management can be divided into macro management and micro management.

Macro management of human resources is the plan, organization, control of the society human resources as whole, so as to adjust and improve the situation of human resources to adapt to the requirements of social reproduction, ensure the operation and development of the social economy.

Micro management of human resources is through the management of enterprises and institutions in the people and things, the relationship between people and people, people and things, give full play to the potential, and the various activities to be plan, organization, command and control, to achieve the organization's objectives.

3. Strategic Types

Low cost management strategy, centralized management strategy

4. Subject System

Concrete content

Human resource planning, job analysis and design, staff recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, compensation management, employee motivation, training and development, career planning, human resource accounting, labor relationship management.

There are six main modules of human resource management:

Human resource planning

Recruitment and configuration

Training and development

Performance management

Compensation and benefits

Labor relations

Core content

The core of human resource management: value chain management. 

Work system

Planning process

Planning objectives

5. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivate senior application-oriented specialized talents with the knowledge and ability of management, economic, legal and human resources management, to meet the requirements of the era of knowledge economy, a solid foundation, wide knowledge, high quality, rich sense of innovation and pioneering spirit, can engage in human resources management and related administrative management work in state organs, scientific research institutions and all types of enterprises.

6. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory knowledge of management science, economics and human resource management related basic theory knowledge and the management module, to accept the training in human resource management methods and basic ability and quality to analyze and solve problems in human resources management.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of management, economics and human resource management;

2) Master the professional skills of human resource management (recruitment, quality evaluation, training, career management, performance management, salary management, labor relationship management);

3) With strong language and word expression, interpersonal communication, organization and coordination and leadership of the basic ability;

4). Familiar with the human resources management related policies and regulations;

5). Understand the frontiers and development trends of the discipline theory;

6). Master the basic methods of literature retrieval, data query, with certain ability of scientific research and practical work.

7. Main Courses

Management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, management information systems, statistics, accounting, financial management, marketing, economic law, human resource management, organizational behavior, labor economics

8. Employment Prospects

Human resource management related positions for recruitment, human resource development, assessment, salary management, staff training, and office secretary work at enterprises and consulting institutions


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