Management Degree Program in China - Human Resource Development

 1. Introduction

Human Resources Development refers to the investigation, analysis, planning, adjust on human resource based on the existing human resource of an enterprise or organization, according to the strategic objectives of enterprises, organizational structure changes, to improve the existing human resources management level of organizations or groups, to make the efficiency of human resources management better, to create greater value for the organization.

2. Goals

The goals of human resources development: first, through the development activities to improve people's ability; the second is through the development activities to enhance people's vitality or enthusiasm.

1) Improve the talent of people

Talent is the ability to understand and transform the world; it constitutes the main content of human resources.

2) Enhance the vitality of people

Through the development to enhance the vitality of people in the work, in order to fully and reasonably use human resources, improve the utilization of human resources.

3). The relationship between the development of human resources and the dual objectives

To improve people's ability is the basis of human resource development. People can decide the level of human resources quantity; to enhance the vitality of human resources development is the key. Talents with no vitality cannot have any practical significance; with the vitality can self develop the potential, improve the ability.

3. Methods

Be on the job development: job rotation, instruction / internship, junior board, action learning

Off post development: formal education, seminars or large-scale academic conferences, periodic holidays, enterprise internal development center, file basket technology

4. Characteristics and Properties 

1).HRD is a kind of planning activity.

2).HRD is based on the value of express human.

3).HRD is a kind of problem oriented activity, which applies theories and methods of several disciplines to solve the problem of human and organization.

4).HRD is a systematic approach; it links the organization of human resources and its potential and technology, structure, management process closely together.

5).HRD is the object of human resources and its entire organization.

6).HRD's goal is to improve the quality of human resources and organizational effectiveness.

7).HRD is the core of learning, is the behavior of the organization members of the behavior of a permanent change or a change in the behavior of a certain way.

8).HRD is not a once and for all strategy, it is a continuous process.

Nine characteristics

Non deprivation, biological, social, timeliness, capital accumulation, activation, initiative, carrier, individual differences

5. Research Directions

Training and career development

Human resource management and organizational development 

Cadre human resources development

Training and development of trainers

International Human Resource Development

Talent theory and talent development

Human resources training and development

6. Main Courses

Human resources development, career development and counseling, develop training courses, training method technology, international human resource development, human resource management, organization learning, theory of talent and talent management, organizational behavior, occupational psychology, labor economics, adult learning and development, etc.

7. Purpose of Human Resource Development

1), improve the level of work performance, improve the staff's ability to work.

2), to enhance the strain and adaptation ability of the organization or individual.

3), improve and enhance the organization's employee’s identity and attribution to the organization.


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