Education Degree Program in China - Humanities Education

1. Introduction

Humanities Education refers to the education that conducts practice activities and consciousness activities on educatee, aiming to promote the humanity realm of promotion, shaping ideal personality and individual value realization and the social education, its essence is human nature education, its core is humanistic spirit of self-restraint.

Humanity education cultivates senior application-oriented talents with solid foundation, reasonable knowledge structure, has the modern education thought and skills, has a certain theoretical knowledge, innovative spirit and practical ability, both competent comprehensive school of liberal arts "Humanities and society" teaching needs, and can adapt to the science teaching need, all-round development in morality, intelligence, body, beauty.

2. Core Subjects

Humanities disciplines like literature, history, philosophy, art

3. Training Requirements

The graduates should has generous solid history, political professional foundation and higher overall quality, to be qualified in middle school history, political, cultural and social courses teaching, have strong ability to adapt to society and continue to improve and study the basic conditions.

4. Core Abilities

1), with national awareness, pioneering spirit, consciousness and dedication of the noble, to be a model for others.

2), master the necessary expertise in the history, politics, geography and other basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills, the professional development of the discipline of understanding, has engaged in preliminary school of arts curriculum teaching ability, social investigation, and the ability to analyze and solve the problems of social history.

3), can skillfully use modern computer technology, retrieval and analysis of electronic resources and web production, courseware, etc.; to grasp the history, linguistics, literature, political science, sociology research methods, with preliminary scientific research ability; with strong language ability and writing ability.

4), with a broad range of the basic knowledge and self-cultivation in humanities and arts, the natural science besides the program, have self-learning ability, innovation ability and lifelong learning habits, and thus have a professional migration on the basis of the intelligent, sustainable development potential and strong ability to adapt to society.

5), has a healthy body and psychological quality and civilized habits.

5. Main Courses

Cultural history, introduction to literature, social science research, aesthetic principle, management study, scientific research methods, modern Chinese, masterpiece selected readings, nationality and religion, the humanities curriculum resources development research, nature and the humanities, sciences and humanities.

6. Employment Prospect

Main employment directions of graduates include basic education teachers of liberal arts, engaged in humanities education teaching at middle and primary school liberal arts, history and society, geography, and government organs, enterprises and institutions engaged in the civil service, news, secretary and other social work, at all levels of government departments, tourism, various types of enterprises, service industry and other economic entities engaged in many aspects of management and service work.

7. Similar Programs

Pedagogy, pre-school education, special education, educational technology, primary school education, science education, speech and hearing science


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