Hunan University

Canteens in Hunan University, China

Hunan University has many canteens, like the 3rd and 5th canteens, the 4th canteen, Mingquan Chinese and Western Restaurant, Tianma canteen, Dezhi canteen, and Muslims’ canteen. International students usually have breakfast at 6:30-9:30, have lunch at 10:30-13:00, and have supper at 16:30-19:00. These canteens can provide over 80 kinds of dishes. 

In addition, there are various restaurants on and near the campus, like western restaurants, Islamic restaurants, Chinese restaurants and snack bars, and students can choose any one for meals as they like. There are also a couple of cafeterias providing rich varieties of food. Cost of living in Changsha is comparatively low. 


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