Hunan University

Overseas Students at Hunan University, China

Student union is one of the most vital parts of university life and plays a very important role in organizing different cultural activities and important school events. About 1080 international students choose to study at this comprehensive and national key university with very long history. Once, Chairman Mao Zedong and other great leaders had once studied at this famous school. Many sports venue and facilities are set up at Hunan University, which is beneficial for international students to spend their spare time. Living at the city of Changsha, international students get to know more about this old cultural city and feel her charming and beauty. 

International School of Hunan University is responsible for developing educational programs and extracurricular activities for international students. The office is in charge of applications, entry examinations, admissions, registration, and the study and daily life of international students. The International School not only offers the master’s, doctoral and bachelor degree programs, but also provides long and short Chinese training programs, professional training courses, and many other specialized programs to meet the increasing demands of international education.



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