Business Degree Program in China - Industrial Economics

1. Introduction

Industrial economics is a discipline that studies the development of industrial economy and the regularity that conducts the social management.

2. Main Content

Including the research object of industrial economics and the development process of industrial economic theory; basic requirements of the industrial development of the historical process and the stage division and the management of industrial economy; industrial economic management is the main object and industrial production and business activities as the basic unit - the basic functions and features of industrial enterprises.

3. Economic Theory

Economic problems in industry are reflected in the relationship between input and output. This part, industrial cost embodies a concentrated reflection of the research on investment; industrial profit embodies a concentrated reflection of the study of output; prices of industrial products from the cost and profit unity relationship reflects the research of the relationship between the input and output; production of industrial economic benefits from their opposite relationship embodies the research of input and output between the intrinsic economic relations.

4. Management Theory

Industrial economics focuses on the basic theoretical problems in the application of management science in the industry, including the principles of management, management methods and the system of industrial management.

5. Industrial Planning

Conduct planning to the industry from the macro, including planning of industrial development strategy from the long-term objectives, policies, measures, according to the time sequence of planning the industrial plan, according to the spatial planning of industrial layout problem, according to the social division of labor in the production of planning of the industry sector structure; from the coordination of the relationship between industrial production activities and natural and social for planning of industrial environmental problems, etc.

6. Industrial Resources

Include the discussion and research on capital resources, labor resources, technical resources, raw materials and energy resources, information resources. There is a close internal relation among various industrial resources, which depends on the development of different resources in different stages of industrial development. The process of industrialization and modernization, it is obvious that the process of continuous transition from labor intensive to capital intensive, and to technology, information intensive production.

7. Industrial Reproduction

Issues of industrial reproduction include the general process of reproduction and the problem of expanding reproduction; the problem of the production process and the circulation process. Research on the issue of industrial organization of social production is on general reproduction process of; of industrial infrastructure and technological transformation of industrial problem research is the denotation and connotation expanded reproduction of research; convection through the course of study of material supply and product sales.

8. Research Methods

In the study on the problem of industrial economics, attention should be paid to borrow the material strength of the modernization, use the method of computer simulation in the field of artificial intelligence; use abstract methods that all scientific theories should not lack of; under certain reasonable conditions, use logical proof method; use sampling methods in a specific range.


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