Science Degree Program in China - Information and Computing Science

1. Introduction

Information and Computing Science takes information field as the background, a computer science and technology discipline combing mathematics and information and computer management. The students have good mathematics foundation; can skillfully use computers, with initial ability of being engaged in the scientific research in a certain direction of the field of information and computer science to solve practical problems, designing and developing computer software.

2. Program Directions

Information and computing science includes two aspects: information science and computing mathematics. Direction one is mainly in computer science, mathematics as the supplement; direction two is mainly in mathematics, computer science as the supplement.

3. Main Courses

Mathematical analysis, higher algebra, analytic geometry, probability statistics, mathematical model, discrete mathematics, fuzzy mathematics, real variable function, complex variable function, differential equations, physics, information processing, information coding and information security, a course in modern cryptography, calculation intelligence, foundations of computer science, numerical calculation method, data mining and optimization theory, operations research, computer composition principle, computer network, computer graphics, C/C + + language, Java language, assembly language, algorithms and data structures, database application technology, software system, operating system, etc.

4. Core Courses

Numerical solution of differential equations, numerical approximation and computational geometry, numerical algebra, the three courses are the most basic courses that contact mathematics with computer, applying mathematics into computer, using computers to solve mathematical problems, with these three techniques, computer can express, computing a variety of functions, in order to constantly improve the performance of hardware and software to use computer to count a lot of equations that many people cannot solve.

5. Major Practical Teaching

Production practice, scientific research training, graduation thesis (graduation design), etc, the general arrangement is 10-20 weeks.

6. Training Objectives

The curriculum system and the knowledge structure of the specialty reflect reasonably structuring the professional basic theory of information science and computer science based on the solid mathematical foundation. By information theory, computational science, operations research, and other aspects of the basic knowledge education and the establishment of mathematical model, mathematical practice course, professional the link of practice, focus on the cultivation of students' solving scientific calculation, software development and design, information processing and coding the actual problem ability, cultivate senior specialized personnel qualified for information processing, scientific and engineering computing departments work.

7. Knowledge and Ability

1) With solid mathematical foundation, grasp the basic theory and basic knowledge of information science and/or computer science

2) Skillfully use computers (including common languages, tools and some special software), with basic algorithm analysis, design ability and strong programming skills

3) understand a certain application field; can use the theory, method and skill to solve some scientific research or production of practical subjects;

4) Understand the new developments in the theory, technology and application of information science and computing science

5) Master the basic methods of literature retrieval, data query, with certain scientific research and software development capabilities.

8. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can be engaged in information and computing science, computer information processing, economic, financial and other departments for research, teaching, application software development or management departments engaged in some practical application, development research or management work.


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