Management Degree Program in China - Information Management and Information System

 1. Introduction

Information Management and Information System is a cross discipline integrating information technology and management science with strong practice and innovation. The program aims at training compound talents with the theory foundation of modern management science, knowledge and application ability of computer science and technology, grasp the systematic ideas and analysis and design methods of information systems and knowledge and ability of information management and other aspects, engage in the analysis, design, implementation, management and evaluation of information management and information systems, shorted as information management or management information, which belongs to the category of management science and engineering.

2. Program Goals

Information management and information system, that is, through the study of computer technology and management science, competitive intelligence and other disciplines of knowledge, through the computer technology of massive data of collection and information processing, to become useful information, and then through scientific statistical principle of information filtering and the analysis and the formation of knowledge, ultimate goal is to use the acquired knowledge to make the right decision.

Therefore, information management and information system students can work as an information editor (news editor network editor) with fewer technical requirements, data statistics, questionnaire survey, can also do data processing, filtering, information analysis and consultation etc. with a few technical requirements. Or enter the business or the government to make decision support, system information, etc. In the enterprise recruitment and daily work tools which are often used in the computer include PPT, EXCEL, SPSS, SAS, etc., but also require personal programming ability.

3. Practice Teaching

Cognition practice: the main purpose of cognition practice is to allow students to broaden their horizons, enhance perceptual knowledge, cultivate professional learning interest, and stimulate curiosity and desire for innovation.

Curriculum design: database system curriculum design, system analysis and system design curriculum design, management software practice, computer network curriculum design, website design

Graduation design: design and thesis

4. Similar Programs

Engineering management of management science, computer science and technology, electronic commerce, software engineering

5. Program Scope

A discipline that classifies and manages information and studies how to apply

This program mainly studies the basic theories and methods of information management and information system analysis, design, implementation, management and evaluation. Popular to say, is to explore the wealth from the information. With the combination of computer, the computer as a tool, information management becomes more effective and practical. With the modernization of enterprise management, the requirement of information management is more and more intense.

Teaching content focuses on computers, involving management courses.

The content of the study covers the core courses of computer science and management. Management disciplines have accounting, economics, management, statistics; computer has advanced language program design, data structure, database, operating system, computer network. Two course integrated courses are electronic commerce, management information systems, etc. Independent design, implementation of small information systems or large information systems in a subsystem, and on this basis completes the graduation thesis, the corresponding management software on the internship.

6. Training Objectives

1) Master the basic knowledge of information management and information system

2) Master management information system analysis method, design method and realization technology

3) With the basic ability in information collection, organization, analysis, research, dissemination and comprehensive utilization

4) With the basic ability to analyze and solve the problem of the comprehensive use of the knowledge

5) To understand the professional development of the relevant areas dynamic

6) Master the basic methods of literature search, data query and collection, which has certain scientific research and practical work ability.

7) Master the software design process, familiar with the Internet product development process.

8) Master HTML language, CSS, JavaScript and WEB standard ideas.

9) With the comprehensive ability of information resource management, competence of "IT+ management" type of deep development potential work.

7. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of economics, management, quantitative analysis method, information resource management, and computer and information system, receive basic training in the system and the design method and information management method of, with comprehensive use of the knowledge to analyze and solve problems. Modern society is a highly developed information society, whether it is business, factory, or authorities, schools, because the contact with the outside world is more and more extensive, the amount of information obtained will be more and more.

8. Main Courses

Public courses: advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, the university computer foundation, etc.

Management courses: principles of economics (macro and micro), management science principle, market investigation and prediction, introduction of marketing, financial management, basic accounting, statistics, financial management, operations science

Computer professional courses: computer hardware technology introduction, web design and production technology, the application of the database, data structure, for object programming (Java), management application software development, the introduction of e-commerce, information system design, management information system, computer network, information analysis and retrieval, introduction to information security, JSP based tutorial etc.

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can engage in banking, services, securities, libraries, schools, agencies and other computer engineering assistant. Mainly engaged in information system development and maintenance, responsible for the field of information and computer management information system development and maintenance, use and management; large database administrator, in the field of information management is responsible for large database management system, safety management and performance management; sites, under the guidance of the engineers, site is responsible for the daily maintenance work; computer senior clerk.

10. Relevant Certificates

ERP management consultants, CFA financial analyst, certified public accountants, programmers, network administrators, application of multimedia making technicians, member of e-commerce technology, information system administrators, information processing technology, software testing division, software designers, information technology support engineer, network engineers, multimedia application designers, designers of embedded systems, computer aided design, designers of electronic commerce, information systems engineer, database system engineer, management information systems engineer, systems analyst, information systems project management division, system architecture design system integration project management engineer.


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