Management Degree Program in China - International Business

 1. Introduction

International Business is a discipline that studies cross-border transactions to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. This definition has two meanings: one is that international business studies cross-border activities; the second is that international business studies the commercial economic activities that conducted by the state, enterprises or individuals with the economic benefits as the purpose, other than non-commercial cross-border economic activities (such as the country's foreign economic aid). Non-commercial economic activities are not within the scope of international business studies.

The students mainly study principles of economics, international trade theory and basic knowledge, accept training in international trade practice, with actual ability of analyzing and solving a specific problem in the international trade business. Grasp the theory of international trade, understand the relevant economic laws and regulations and all major countries and regional trade policies; it covers very wide fields and has lots of cross with other disciplines (for example economics, management science, anthropology, sociology, histology and psychology, etc.). The essence of international business is "across the border", the most basic international business activities are cross-border economic transactions. The main object of international business studies is Multi-National Corporation. A Multi-National Corporation is a company which establishes a branch or subsidiary company in two or more than two countries to carry out transnational production and operation activities.

2. Training Objectives

International business is the business activity beyond the boundaries and around the business running which mainly refers to enterprises engaging in international trade and transnational business activities in the process of international investment. International trade, including goods, services and intellectual property transactions, international investment, mainly refers to the international direct investment, including sole investment, joint venture and cooperation.

International business aims to cultivate higher-technology application-oriented talents with international trade basic knowledge and basic skills, can work in the foreign economic and trade department, joint venture enterprises for international trade business and management.

3. Training Requirements

Graduates should obtain the following basic knowledge and professional ability:

(1) master the theory of international trade, understand the relevant economic laws and regulations and trade policies of major countries and regions;

(2) skilled use of computers in the business of international trade;

(3) to understand the foreign economic laws and regulations and trade policies of major countries.

 (4) with strong ability in interpersonal communication and business development.

4. Main Courses

Basic courses: calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, business writing, foreign trade correspondence, international economic cooperation

Professional courses (Management): principles of management, organizational behavior, human resource management.

Professional courses (Marketing): principles of marketing, marketing, marketing management, international marketing, market research and forecasting, public relations, business negotiations, international trade, international trade practice and negotiation skills.

Professional courses (Financial Accounting): microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and accounting principles, intermediate financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, international settlement, money and banking, international financial

Cross disciplinary courses: business public relations psychology, e-commerce, management information system.

Supplementary courses: international commercial law, business etiquette, management information system.

5. Training Objectives

The program aims at training composite application-oriented talents that combine laws and business for the international market, with wide vision, solid international business theory, practice and international commercial law basics, grasp the basic international regulations and international practice, and skilled application in international laws and regulations to carry out business activities. The students can be engaged in the actual business activities, business activities planning, international business management, legal consulting, policy research and other work in the Multi-National Corporation, foreign economic and trade department, foreign investment enterprises and government agencies.

6. Professional Characteristics

International business requires students to grasp the theory and method of western economics and international economics; the basic knowledge and basic skills of international commercial activities; international marketing ability; can use measurement, statistics and analysis method to carry on the analysis and the research, understand the dynamics of international economics and international trade theory development; understand the major countries and regions in the economic development and trade policy and development dynamics, can use computer and other economic analysis tools to engage in foreign related economic work.

7. Employment Prospects

The students have knowledge structure of the combination of law and business, with a solid theoretical knowledge, and have strong practical ability and business communication ability, and is suitable for in the multinational company, outgoing type enterprises and wholly foreign-owned enterprise, as the business representatives engaged in international business activities, senior management personnel in international business division and the management; or in the foreign economic and trade department and government agencies for foreign business management, policies and regulations formulation and implementation, and international business activities planning.


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