Business Degree Program in China - International Economics

1. Introduction

International Economics is based on the general theory of economics, studies international economic activities and international economic relationships, the application and extension of general economic theory in the scope of international economic activities, is the organic component of the economic system. The main objects of study are international trade theory and policy, international balance of payments theory, exchange rate theory, international flow of factors, international investment theory, and open macroeconomic equilibrium and so on.

2. New Development of International Trade Theory

New Ricardo doctrine trade theory

Krugman's trade theory

3. Development of the Theory of New Trade Policy

The new development of the theory of trade protection

Endogenous growth theory of trade

Imperfect market competition

4. International Financial Theory and Policy

The impact of international financial integration

Limited international sovereignty

International economics is a threat to national security

Financial hegemony

The regression of Krugman's depression economy

5. Monetary Integration

Monetary integration is the combination of the various member countries to form a fixed exchange rate, implement a common monetary policy. Western scholars have divided the monetary integration into different levels:

1) The exchange rate union.

2) The fake currency union.

3) The monetary integration.

4) The monetary union.

6. International Exchange Rate

As commodity market, foreign exchange market also has certain market and price movements, the so-called exchange rate that is the price of the sale of foreign exchange, it is equal to the ratio of a country's currency with another country's currency exchange, and the exchange rate in the international economics theory has been in more important position.

7. Purchasing Power Parity Effect

Economic development measure indexes include calculation of gross national product (GNP), the traditional calculating method of gross domestic product (GDP) and purchasing power parity (PPP) method and traditional method is according to the exchange rate of its currency against the dollar, according to its monetary statistics of domestic production gross domestic product (GDP) or gross national product (GNP) conversion into dollars to calculate the size of the national economy.


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