Business Degree Program in China - International Economics and Trade

1. Introduction

International Economics and Trade is a subject that studies the reasons of international trade, international trade policy, international trade practice, international investment and international trade and economic development. International economics and trade is one of the majors of economic and trade in economics. The international economy and trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries.

International economics and trade program cultivates talents who systematically grasp the basic principles of economics and the international economy, the basic theory of international trade, master the basic knowledge of international trade and the basic skills of talents; composite, application-oriented talents who understand the contemporary international economy and trade development present situation, familiar with the prevailing international trade practices and the rules of WTO, understanding of the main countries and regions of the status of foreign trade, foreign-related economic trade department, foreign enterprises and government institutions and scientific research units engaged in international economic and trading business, management, research and teaching and research work.

2. Main Subjects

Economics, international trade practices

3. Core Courses

Core courses and major practice areas: western economics, management, international trade geography, international trade, international trade practice, international finance, international marketing, money and banking, foreign trade accounting, introduction to e-commerce, international trade rules and practices, simulation training, graduation practice and graduation thesis. International economics and trade students should pay attention to the rules of the world economy, familiar with the World Trade Organization and different countries and trade rules and business processes, master the rules of international management, etc.. Therefore, the students also learn management, law courses in addition to economics professional courses.

4. Training Objectives

The program is to train advanced technology application-oriented professionals with strong actual capacity of international trade, mainly engaged in import and export business, foreign trade enterprise management, international economic and technological cooperation and transnational management of foreign economic and trade activities.

5. Knowledge and Abilities

1). Master the basic theories and methods of economics, master the basic principles and design methods of international economy and trade;

2) Basic knowledge of international economic law of economic management, economic trade, marketing, import and export trade;

3) Can use the measurement, statistics, accounting methods for analysis and research;

4). Understand the economic development status and trade policies of major countries and regions;

5) Understand the development trends of international economy and international trade;

6) Can use the computer to engage in foreign-related economic work.

6. Employment Prospects

International economics and trade graduates can go to the foreign trade and economic administrative departments engaged in foreign trade management, to foreign trade enterprises engaged in foreign trade business and the international market marketing work, to engage in trade and economic, marketing, operation and management of state organs, national economy department, business department, foreign enterprises, joint ventures, large industrial and commercial trade company or enterprise, and to major colleges, universities and research institutes engaged in the work of teaching and scientific research and so on.

Marketing / public relations, marketing personnel, administration / logistics, finance / insurance / investment, foreign trade personnel B2B, B2C, customs clearance

7. Similar Majors

Economics, international economy and trade, public finance, finance, management of national economy, trade economics, insurance, financial engineering, credit management, network economics, sports economics, investment, environment resources and development economics, real estate management and estimation, statistics, international cultural trade, taxation, revenue


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