Law Degree Program in China - International Law

1. Introduction

International Law is a discipline that is formed by the study of the various laws that are involved in the regulation of the state, including international public law, international private law, international economic law, international criminal law, etc.

2. Main Content

"International law" is a professional course of law. Its mission is to enable students to grasp the basic knowledge of international law, enhance the understanding and understanding of international relations, international legal principles and rules, improve the ability to analyze and solve problems.

The main content includes the inhabitants of the international law of the basic principles of international law, the main body, the responsibility of international law, international law, international human rights law, national territory, the law of the sea, space law, international environmental law, diplomatic and consular relations law, the law of treaties, the international organizations, an international dispute peacefully, the laws of armed conflict.

3. Research Directions

International Private Law

The international private law is a legal department which takes the foreign civil and commercial legal relations as the object to solve the legal conflict. It mainly studies the general theory of private international law. The conflict of laws is basic part, focuses on the research of the basic theory of international private law and interregional conflict law, the basic system. At the same time, but also a comparative study of private international law, international private laws of countries in the world were comparative study; private international law in China, focuses on the study of Chinese private international law theory and practice, history and current situation; the system of civil legal status of foreigners; international civil litigation and international commercial arbitration system. In addition, it is also a study of the famous international private law.

International Economic Law

International economic law is formed with the development of international economic relations, and the International (and international) economic relations as the object of the adjustment of a new law. International economic law mainly studies of international economic law general theory, legal system of international trade, international investment legal system, international financial law, international tax law, international economic dispute resolving legal system, international economic organization legal system, which focuses on the legal system of WTO.

International Public Law

International public law is a unique legal department which is based on the international relations, including the political, economic, and cultural and diplomatic relations between the countries. Main research of public international law general theory, treaty legal system, legal system of the ocean, international human rights law, diplomatic and consular relations legal system, war and armed conflict legal system and international disputes of international law of peaceful settlement. Through the study of the above problems, the students grasp the basic principles of international public law, with a strong comprehensive analysis of the problem and the ability to solve the problem at home and abroad.

4. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students will be able to work in teaching, scientific research and business in Institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, foreign affairs and foreign affairs departments.


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