Management Degree Program in China - International Quality Management System Certification

 1. Introduction

International Quality Management System Certification associates with the closely joint enterprise while strengthening talents cultivation at the same time, investigates and studies talents training mode of international quality management system certification, and forms a talent training scheme with significant characteristics, to realize the perfect combination of the graduates' knowledge, skills, abilities, qualities and enterprises’ needs.

2. Curriculum System

From the curriculum system, the occupational orientation of professional courses is emphasized, professional post ability as the foundation for course configuration, to make the knowledge and skills that students obtain can really meet the needs of professional posts.

3. Training Objectives

Students are cultivated with certain professional background knowledge (electronic, mechanical, architectural, etc.), with the basic theory knowledge and professional knowledge of international quality management system certification, to strengthen the courses of practice ability in international management system certification, to achieve "double certificate" system; to study curriculum setting method, jointly adjusted by the enterprises, colleges and universities, select basic skills courses and core skill curriculum to form a distinctive curriculum system conducive to the coordinated development of students' knowledge, ability and quality, with structure optimization, advanced content.

4. Practice Teaching

Practice and training base construction: according to related job training objectives of the international quality management system certification, build a training base that reproduces work reality, takes teaching, training, scientific research and social service function as a whole, based on the working process; according to the social needs and the needs of teaching, builds quality certification training room, equips with perfect training project.

5. Teaching Management

Teaching management implements "professional tutorial system" and "professional responsibility system" in order to cultivate high-quality skilled talents, implements tutor system, constructs a full range of professional education platform, highlights the sense of innovation and entrepreneurship training.


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