Politics Degree Program in China - International Relations

1. Introduction

International Relations program is a branch of political science, which studies the foreign affairs and relations between the international community, such as the state, the international organization of the government, the international organization of the non-government, multi-national corporation, etc. International relations are both academic and public policy areas. In short, the international relationship refers to a special social relationship established by people beyond the national boundaries, which mainly includes political, economic, military, and social and so on.

As an important category of political science, international relations are closely related to economy, history, law, geography, society, anthropology, psychology and culture. From globalization to territorial disputes, nuclear crisis, nationalism, economic development, terrorism, human rights and so on, are issues of international relations.

The international relations theory is to explore and seek the general rule of the phenomenon of international relations, to explain the phenomenon of repeated in international relations. The theory of international relations is a general rule, a description and explanation of the international phenomenon. The form of the international relations theory discussed in the international academic field is gradually formed and shaped in the historical debate.

2. Theoretical Paradigms





3. Theoretical Propositions

International social theory

Critical theory

Post positivism

Theory of the state

4. Some Concepts

System level

Unit level

Individual level

International organization

Behavior subject

State behavior body

Non-state actors

5. Employment Prospects

Students of international relations can grasp comprehensive knowledge, correspondingly that can adapt to the work of many industries, such as government agencies, foreign affairs, administrative management, etc.


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