Management Degree Program in China - International Shipping Business Management

 1. Introduction

International Shipping Business Management cultivates high-quality skilled talents adapt to economic and social development needs, with international shipping management knowledge and skills to engage in business management of international shipping, ocean shipping tally, shipping agency, freight forwarding, import and export, and logistics company culture of international shipping business management.

2. Training Requirements

1), with the ability to independently carry out international shipping business;

2), with the ability of organizing international ocean transportation, rail transport, road transport, air transport and other transport modes of joint transport capacity, in the international cargo transport company engaged in specific business;

3), with capabilities in independent development of container transport business and its management; 

4), with the ability to participate in the management of enterprises;

5), with the ability of engaging in production scheduling independent shipping enterprises for foreign trade cargo handling and transportation;

6), have the ability of business operation tally;

7), have the ability to organize the import and export of foreign trade goods;

8), have the ability to independently engage in international cargo transportation insurance business;

9), with the transport enterprise accounting, statistical analysis of the ability of the work;

10), has written international transportation management correspondence skills;

11), with ability of computer port freight management paperless EDI system operation;

12), other aspects such as computer, ship stowage, secretarial work should meet the skilled operation and flexible application level.

3. Core Abilities

International shipping business management and operation skills

4. Main Courses

International trade, freight transport technology, ocean shipping business, logistics management, shipping agent, business negotiations, shipping management, marine insurance, multimodal transport, maritime English, customs operations, document operation training, ocean shipping business management training, comprehensive graduate practice.

Main practice:

Understanding practice, container document operation, container terminal simulation operation, shipping business simulation operation, graduation practice and report

5. Employment Prospects

Shipping, trade, and international shipping business management departments of forwarders and shipping agencies


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