Law Degree Program in China - International Shipping Law

1. Introduction

International Shipping Law is a general term of laws and regulations to adjust various legal relations between the ship and its owner and other parties involved in the international maritime transport activities. International shipping law is mainly related to the international conventions, rules, regulations and laws in shipping by various countries.

2. Main Content

1) The relationship between the ship and the crew

2) The contract relationship of carriage of goods by sea

3) The contract relationship of the maritime passenger transport

4) The contract relationship of the sea towage

5) Maritime salvage relationship

6) Ship collision relationship

7) Oil pollution relationship on the sea

8) General average relationship

9) The limitation relationship of liability of the owner of the ship

10) Marine insurance relationship

11) The relationship of maritime disputes and so on

The above legal relationships are all involved in the adjusting range of the international shipping law and regulations and maritime law or shipping law in various countries.

3. British Maritime Law

British Shipping Law integrates British shipping regulations, shipping practice and court cases organically as one, main content includes law of carriage of goods by sea, maritime insurance law, maritime law and practice, strokes on ship collision, salvage of ships, general average, maritime trade contracts, legal proceedings and form of maritime priority request as well as the merchant shipping act etc.


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