Jiangxi Agricultural University

Why Study at Jiangxi Agricultural University, China

Brief Introduction

Known for its biological technology and agricultural science, Jiangxi Agricultural University has a wide offering of programs ranging from natural science and agriculture to economics, management, humanities and law. The University is not only one of the first schools to be entitled to award both Bachelor and Master degrees, but also is qualified to award Doctor Degree.

1.  History

Jiangxi Agricultural University has a proud history that can trace back to the Agricultural School of the National Zhongzheng University established in October 1940. In 1949 the school was renamed Agricultural College of Nanchang University, then based on the Agricultural College of Nanchang University, Jiangxi Agricultural College was founded in 1952, in 1969 it jointed with the Jiangxi Communist Labor General University founded in 1958. Finally in November 1980 the school was renamed Jiangxi Agricultural University.

2. Overview of Campus

Jiangxi Agricultural University is ideally located in the Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone with a campus area of 263.3 hectares, which is called a garden-like campus with beautiful surroundings and peaceful air.

3. Schools and Degree Programs

At present, Jiangxi Agricultural University has nearly 20,000 full-time students enrolled in its 17 different schools: Agronomy, Gardening and Landscape design, Animal Science and Technology, Engineering, Economics and Management, Computer Science, Environmental and Land Resource Management, Science, Humanities and Public Administration, Food Science and Engineering, Vocational Education and Technology, Software Design, Biology science and engineering, Foreign Languages, Marxism(Political science), Nanchang Business, and Adult Education. Now there are 62 specialties for undergraduates, 19 master degree educating bases and 3 Doctoral degree educating bases and 1 mobile center for post-doctoral research.

4. Laboratories and Research Achievements

There are numerous key laboratories located at Jiangxi Agricultural University, including the State Key Laboratory, the National Engineering Laboratory, the key laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, the key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, 8 provincial key laboratories, 2 provincial engineering research centers and so on. In addition, the university has 2 national teaching demonstration centers. And the university’s libraries have over one million volumes of books and 500 thousand volumes of E-books, and introduce 20 Data-bases.

5. Strong Faculty

Jiangxi Agricultural University is both well staffed and well equipped to educate a modern generation of students. Currently, there are over 1,500 full-time personnel employed by the main campus of the university in both teaching and research, of which there are 1 academician of CAS, 127 full professors and 426 associate professors. At present there are 1 innovation team named by State Ministry of Education, 1 national-class academic team, 7 provincial-class academic teams, 2 provincial-class scientific and technological innovation teams, and 1 scientific and technological innovation team of the provincial higher learning institutes.

6. Great Achievements

In its more than 70 years educating history, over 90,000 students have graduated from this university, the majority of which are leaders or important members in areas of producing, marketing, administration and agricultural technology popularizing. In recent years, the university has attained lots of achievements in different fields such as set up the first provincial key open laboratory and the first laboratory-training base funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and the province together, attain the only one National Outstanding Youth Project in Jiangxi Province, win the first National Scientific and Technological Award in Jiangxi Province, win the only one National Technological Inventive Award in Jiangxi Province, breed the first new super-rice variety in Jiangxi Province, and give birth to an academician of CAS. In addition, the university has popularized more than 30 excellent varieties of its scientific achievements, such as rice, cotton, pasture, vegetables, watermelon and so on. And Journal of Jiangxi Agricultural University (Natural Sciences Edition) was awarded The National Outstanding Academic Journal.

7. Great Prospect

In this new era, Jiangxi Agricultural University will continue to advocate scientific development and educational innovation to continually help the nation on its road to prosperity and to continually make contribution to the economic development of Jiangxi province.

International Communication and Cooperation

Jiangxi Agricultural University is one of the first institutions in Jiangxi Province to open up to foreign countries. Qualifying as a Grade A1 Unit for employing overseas experts and being licensed to enroll overseas students, Jiangxi Agricultural University has been actively involved in international academic exchanges and has established close relationships with many universities and research institutions in countries such as the United States, Holland, Britain, Japan, Australia, Russia, and Canada. Experts and scholars from nearly 100 countries and regions have made a total of over 10,000 visits to the university.



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