Jiangxi Agricultural University

Canteens in Jiangxi Agricultural University, China

There are five student canteens in the campus of Jiangxi Agricultural University. In 2004, the student canteen was evaluated as an advanced unit of food hygiene by the Nanchang Municipal Health Authority and Class B Unit by the provincial health department. Jiangxi Agricultural University invested over 1.2 million CNY to set up a standardized student restaurant. Complete hardware facilities, elegant decoration and elegant environment provide a good environment for students to have meals.

A unified procurement and strict checks are implemented to student dining halls. All tablewares and cooking utensils must be disinfected before use to ensure the food safety of students. Each student restaurant can provide 30 to 50 varieties of breakfast. Varieties of dishes for lunch and dinner can reach 60-100, and the price is reasonable. Dishes focus on Jiangxi cuisines and Jiangnan pasta. The restaurant opens different service projects because of different national, regional eating habits. Both sides can agree on the main food, non-staple food, eating time and price to facilitate students to choose to ensure their nutritional needs and physical health. Canteens of Jiangxi Agricultural University are highly praised by the students for the varieties of food with reasonable price.


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