Management Degree Program in China - Labor Relations

 1. Introduction

Labor Relations refers to the rights and obligations relationship in the labor process between employers and employees according to the law. Worker refers to the natural person that reaches the legal age, with the ability to work and to engage in some kind of social labor and takes the income as the main source of livelihood, in accordance with the provisions of the law or contract, work under the management of the unit and acquire labor remuneration.

Labor relation is a theoretical and practical speciality in the market economy. Labor relation is a program with important social influence and social function. The program has a direct effect on the formulation of national level labor policy and the operation and management of labor relations at the enterprise level.

2. Legal Characteristics

1) in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

2) the state creates employment conditions and expands employment opportunities through the promotion of economic and social development.

3. Labor Relations and Service Relations

Service relations are the reached agreements between equal subjects on services to provide and payment, follow the principles of autonomy of will and freedom of contract and equivalence paid, employers and employees form a relationship of debtor and creditor.


1) the main body is different

2) the relationship is different

3) the stability of the relationship is different

4) payment is different.

4. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivate application-type compound special talents with theory, knowledge and ability of labor relations, grasps modern organizational means and method of science and technology to coordinate and process labor affairs, can engage in labor relations theory practice and the research of the theory and policy, and full of innovative spirit in enterprises and institutions, government departments, trade union organizations at all levels, research institutions and non-governmental organizations.

5. Main Courses

Labor relationship, workers movement history, collective bargaining system, democratic management of workers and social participation, system of handling labor disputes, labor policies, labor psychology, introduction to social security, occupational health and safety, management learn theory, labor economics, statistics accounting principle, social science Conspectus, social labor, labor law, organizational behavior, introduction of economic law.

6. Employment Prospects

Public relations, human resources management, labor relations positions at government agencies, trade unions and enterprises; employment service agency counseling and personnel training; members of the labor law enforcement supervisors, labor dispute arbitration member and labor judiciary staff; enterprise management consulting company, consulting, certification, inspection, training, consulting personnel; labor and social security institutions staff.

7. Similar Majors

Administration, public administration, labor and social security, public relations, public policy, public administration, etc


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