Law Education and degree in China

Brief introduction 

International students who came to study law in China are becoming increasingly sought after as China’s prominence, power, and global connections continue to grow. Being immersed in Chinese culture, lifestyle, and society can foster intellectual and cultural growth and can help a foreign student to develop into well-rounded legal professionals. In addition, students pursuing law education for any degree in China can enjoy the beauty of this fascinating country and there will never be a dull day with all of the exciting things to see, do and explore. Pursuing law education in China is an excellent opportunity to gain expertise in subjects like commercial law, comparative law, international law and civil law. 

Earning a law degree in China generally takes about four years for bachelors’ degree in Law, 2 years for masters (LLM) in Law and 3 years for Doctoral degree in Law of full-time study. For postgraduate, Students can expect curriculum that includes a combination of coursework, research and a master’s thesis. Graduates of bachelor’s in law, LLM or PhD in China programs have gained valuable international experience and can go on to careers in China or abroad. 

The curriculum for law education in China is almost the same as the law curriculum in many law schools in USA, Europe, and Australia. Most of universities with law school in China have permanent foreign professors as well as visitor experts in different field of Law. These increase the reputation of most of Chinese law schools, and continue to be among the best law schools in the world. 

Examples of common Law programs offered by several Universities in China 

The English bachelor’s, LLM, PhD Law Programs in any Chinese University are programs open exclusively to international students. A student at any level may choose to major in one of the following law majors:

- International law, 

- Civil and commercial law, 

- Comparative law,

 - Intellectual property law,

- Constitutional and administrative law,

- Labor and social security law, 

- Criminal law,

- Procedural law,

- Economic law,

- International finance law,

Note than to be admitted:

 For Bachelor’s degree law program, a student must have:

- High school leaving certificate,

- Proficient in English or able to study in English  

For master’s degree in Law program, a student must have

- bachelor’s degree in law from recognized university, 

- Proficient in English. 

- Recommendations from two professor or associated professor 

For Doctoral degree in law program, a student must have 

- Masters degree from recognized university, 

- Able to study and conduct his/her researches in English. 

- Recommendations from two professor or associated professor 

Most of universities have two intakes each year. One in September and another in March, a foreign Students can begin the course at any of those two intake 

Regarding the teaching and professors, among the faculty staff from many Chinese universities with a law school are top Chinese scholars who were trained in China and the West, government officials, and practitioners in leading Chinese law firms. Some courses are also taught by foreigner experts in different area in law. 

Many of the Chinese university faculties are instrumental in drafting the laws required for the newly emerging market economy. International students may enjoy their critical comments during their law education in China. 

In addition, international students can also study Mandarin Chinese and have the opportunity to take work experience in China. In order to practice law in China you would need to speak and read fluent Chinese, pass the Chinese bar exam and then complete a one year apprenticeship with a Chinese law firm. If you have not passed the Chinese bar exam in China you would be able to provide “legal consultancy services” which is what the majority of foreign lawyers do in China.

Testimonials from previous foreign students who got their degree in different major of Law from any Chinese University with a law school show that they had gained excellent skills in law, and they able to practice law everywhere.       


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