Education Degree Program in China - Leisure Sports

1. Introduction

Leisure Sports refers to people’s physical exercise activities in the leisure time in order to improve physical and mental health, enrich and create a life of fun, improve the self. It is characterized by its freedom, culture, non utility and initiative, which has important significance and role in improving health, strong physique, preventing disease and rehabilitating, improving the cultural accomplishment and the construction of spiritual civilization, enriching content of life and strengthening the interpersonal relationship, and promoting people's socialization and personality formation.

As a cross subject, leisure sports cannot be separated from the sport and leisure. In a sense, it is the result of the interaction between leisure science and physical education.

2. Training Objectives

The program aims at training high-quality practical talents who adapt to the needs of social development in the new century, with the basic theory, knowledge and skills of leisure sports, can be engaged in leisure sports research, sports tourism, leisure sports products planning and design work.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly learn the basic knowledge and theory of leisure sports, receive the basic training in leisure sports, with the preliminary ability of being engaged in leisure sports research, sports tourism, leisure sports product planning.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1), Master the basic theory and knowledge of leisure sports related disciplines;

2), Master related sports technology and skills of guiding leisure sports, mass fitness, sports tourism, sports events;

3), with the basic ability of being engaged in the organization and management, consulting and guidance, management and development and teaching of leisure sports activities;

4), understand the frontier state and development dynamics of leisure sports;

5), master computer, network technology, the basic method of document retrieval, with good working ability of scientific research.

5. Main Courses

Leisure sports theory and method, sport leisure business management, psychology, education, sports industry and economy, sports club management, sports marketing, golf, fashion has the oxygen movement, rock climbing, outdoor sports, sports dance, folk sports and aerobics dancing.

6. Similar Programs

Physical education, sports training, social sports, human kinetic science, national traditional sports, sports rehabilitation and health

7. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in leisure sports industry and commerce enterprises (such as leisure resorts, golf clubs, fitness and leisure club, star hotel recreation department, spa leisure club, hot springs resort hotel, outdoor and expand training institutions, sports tourism company etc.), the government or a public welfare institute (urban public recreation space, theme park, national fitness center, public sports activities and competition venues, etc.), recreation and sports institutions (universities, research institutions) for related work.


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