Management Degree Program in China - Library Science

 1. Introduction

Library Science is the discipline that studies the occurrence and development, organization and management of the library, as well as the working rules laws of the library science. The purpose is to summarize the practical experience of library work and librarianship, establish scientific theoretical system of library science, in order to promote the development of the library cause and improve the position and role of library in the progress of human society. Library science is a developing science. Modern library science has integrated into the scientific content of many kinds of attributes. With the development of society and science and technology, especially the increasing need of information and literature communication, the research and application of library science will be more and more extensive.

2. Main Courses

Literature introduction, modern library science, Java program design, electronic document retrieval, library business practice, technology and management of information system, digital library, information consultation and information service, advanced database theory, distributed database, database and knowledge base, high level software engineering, new program design method, advanced computer network, graphics and visualization, modern information retrieval.

3. Relevant Disciplines

Archival science, information science, philology and bibliography, etc

4. Branch Disciplines

The main body of contemporary library science is composed of theoretical library science, practical library science and specialized library science. There are many different branches under these three categories.

5. Research Direction

Doctoral research directions: library science theory, digital resource management, knowledge organization, document metrology, etc.

Master research directions: information resources organization and retrieval, digital library theory and practice, modern management of library, library resource construction and management, and the theory and method of library information, etc.

6. Research Content

Study the basic theory, technology and method of library science and its related disciplines.

7. Training Objectives

The program mainly cultivates senior professional talents who are engaged in literature, information and knowledge organization, management, service and research in enterprises and other social organizations.

8. Employment Prospects

Engaged in information management and development at large enterprises, IT industry, press and publication departments, colleges and universities, hospitals and related research institutions, libraries, archives, museums


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