Literature Education and Degree in China

Brief introduction 

Literature education programs in the most Chinese Universities emphasize on literary works within a social and historical context and have foundations in literary theory, literature, and writing. The programs primarily emphasize on analytical communications and decision-making competencies and students are often given practical applications or studies to enhance these competencies. Literature programs regard the understanding of cultural values, such as attitudes and ideas of various societies. Coursework might have components from many areas including linguistics, modern literature, philology, history, culture, race, gender, religion, philosophy and sociology this depend on the student major . Literature programs also explore the topics such as literature survey, rhetoric studies, poetry, fiction writing, modern critical thinking, literature periods, novels and Shakespeare.  Literature graduates in any major from any Chinese University can have opportunities for careers in arts, teaching, public relations, politics, administration, and fundraising. Most Chinese universities offer 4 years bachelor’s degree, 2 years master’s degree and 3-4 years Doctoral degree in literature. 

Examples of some Literature programs offered by several Universities in China 

Foreign students who join Literature degree programs in China gain a solid training in Language, Linguistics, Literature and Culture Language. Most foreigners may be surprised to find majors in foreign Languages and literatures such as English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean Languages in most Universities in China, well China come to know the importance to those languages in cultural and economic development.  Studying these language and their Literature in China connected a foreigners to a more practical and professional component, aiming for the qualification of professionals in the fields of culture, media, the editorial supervision, cultural industries and content creation, translation and preservation of heritage. 

Degree in English Language and Literature

Literature is one of the primary creative acts of humankind, and the study of literature not only exercises our skills of interpretation and critical thinking, but also gives you access to the history and ideas that have shaped our world. Study English Language and Literature for bachelor, masters or doctoral degrees in China, a country whose literary history spans languages, people, and centuries. The English Language and Literature degree program at in most Universities in China aims to: 

-introduce students to the history of literature in English and the discipline of literary criticism and interpretation;

-develop critical thinking and interpretive skills, research skills, and the information literacy needed to enable successful graduates to find work in a broad range of fields, or to pursue further study at the postgraduate level;

-Develop, to a high degree, students’ abilities to interpret written communication, to create analytical and interpretive arguments, and to express themselves in complex, polished English prose.

The major consists of three main study areas:

Literature, Literary History, and Literary Criticism

Language and Culture

Applied, Professional, and Research Writing

The program’s interdisciplinary focus fosters the development of broadly educated individuals who are able to apply their knowledge and skills creatively and flexibly in a broad range of situations and prepares them for a wide range of careers. Appropriately for the study of literature in China, the program includes but not limited to a significant emphasis comparative world literatures; literature in English from outside the major centers of literary production; and non-canonical literature.

Degree in Chinese Language and Literature

Study Chinese Language and Literature for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in China, give a foreigner students the opportunity to explore this distinctive Chinese culture, learn a new language. Like in any other foreign country studying literature degree in China prepare a foreigner student to live in a multicultural world, standing out as resourceful, flexible, and able to demonstrate creative and critical thinking. No field or country is out of reach after graduation in any University here China. Most of graduates in Chinese language and Literature go on to work in everywhere in the world and there is urge opportunities to even stay and work in China. 

In the curriculum of Chinese Language and Literature include but not limited to: 

-Chinese Language Skills

The major courses include standard Chinese Pronunciation, Intensive Chinese Reading, Chinese Listening Comprehension, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, English-Chinese translation, Chinese for Business  

-Chinese Language Knowledge

Major course includes overview of Chinese characters, Modern Chinese language, and Ancient Chinese. 

-Chinese Literature and History

Major course includes modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, Brief Introduction to Chinese Culture, China Introduction, Concise Chinese History, Selected Chinese Idiom. 

Several testimonials from previous foreign students who completed their Literature degree in China show that they had gained languages excellent writing and communication skills. They knew how to learn, to analyze and comprehend other viewpoints, and to argue for ideas. 


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