Management Degree Program in China - Logistics Management

 1. Introduction

Logistics management refers to planning, organization, command, coordination, control and supervision to the logistics activities in the process of social reproduction, according to the laws of flow of material entities, applying the basic principles and the scientific method of management, to make the logistics activities to achieve the best coordination and cooperation, in order to reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency and economic benefits. Modern logistics management is a professional subject based on system theory, information theory and control theory.

2. Main Content

1). Logistics operations management

2). Logistics strategy management

3). Logistics cost management

4). Logistics service management

5). Logistics organization and management

6). Human resource management

7) supply chain management

3. Related Categories

Macro logistics and micro logistics

Social logistics and enterprise logistics

International logistics and regional logistics

General logistics and special logistics

4. Information Management

The first layer is the base layer.

The second layer is the executive layer.

The third layer is the planned collaboration layer.

The fourth layer is strategic decision making layer.

5. Management Order

According to the order of management, logistics management can be divided into three stages, namely, planning stage, implementation stage and evaluation stage.

6. Value Core





7. Management Features

(1) to achieve customer satisfaction as the first goal;

(2) for the purpose of the enterprise as a whole;

(3) with information as the center;

(4) more efficient and more effective.

8. Distribution Process

Order processing

Procurement of objects

Incoming inbound

Inventory management

Picking and replenishment

Circulation processing

Shipment processing

Distribution operation

Accounting operation

Operation management

9. Main Courses

Logistics conspectus, purchasing and supply management, procurement, project management, transportation management, warehouse management, distribution management, international logistics, international trade theory and practice, procurement process, drill, transportation practice, management, warehousing management practice, logistics distribution center design, international logistics practice and innovation, the quality expand training.

10. Similar Majors

Business Administration Marketing accounting financial management human resources management Tourism Management Commodity auditing electronic business logistics management international business.

11. Employment Prospects

Graduates can engage in logistics enterprises, ports, customs, freight companies, business enterprises and other employment, employment prospects are good. In addition to the field of storage, transportation, distribution, freight forwarders and logistics talent shortage, related to the systematic management personnel, understand the import and export trade business, professional operating personnel, personnel of e-commerce logistics, master of the delivery of goods and capital turnover and cost accounting, and other related knowledge and methods of operation of the logistics talents will be more popular.

12. Logistics Association of Various Countries and regions

European Logistics Association,ELA, Hong Kong Logistics Association,HKLA, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing,CFLP, International Society of Logistics,SOLE, American Society of Transportation & Logistics,AST&L, The Global Logistics Council of Taiwan,GLCT, Taiwan International Logistics & Supply C  hain Association,TILSCA, Taiwan Association of Logistics Management,TALM, The Society of Logisticians, Malaysia)(LogM)("Pertubuhan Pakar Logistik Malaysia", in Malaysian language)


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