Management Degree Program in China - Management Science and Engineering

1. Introduction

Management Science and Engineering is a discipline through the integrated use of systems science, management science, mathematics, economics and behavioral science and engineering methods, combining information technology, studies solving social, economic and engineering management problems. It contains many research fields, such as the resource optimization management, the organization and management of the public project, the research of the uncertainty decision making and project management and so on. It is a hot research topic.

2. Training Requirements

The program develops students with solid systematic management theory, reasonable knowledge structure. Correctly apply the systematic analysis method and the corresponding engineering technical method to solve the related theoretical and practical problems. This discipline is closely integrated with management theory and management practice, focusing on the research of management theory, methods and tools which adapt to the development of modern production, management, science and technology, economy, society and so on.

3. Program System

1) Management Science

Training objectives: training senior specialized talents with the necessary mathematics, economics, computer application foundation, has a solid management discipline basic theory and basic knowledge, with advanced management ideas, methods, organization and technology as well as the analysis, decision and the implementation of computer and mathematical model on operation management, organizational management and technology management problems.

Training requirements: mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of management basic disciplines like mathematics, computer science, economics, statistics, operations research, production and operations management, marketing, accounting, finance, international finance and trade, with the ability of quantitative analysis, decision-making, management communication and organization and implementation and computer application ability.

Knowledge and Ability:

Basic theory, knowledge and methods of management discipline;

Basic ability for quantitative analysis and computer applications;

Basic working ability of management communication, cooperation and organization and implementation;

Familiar with the policies and regulations of the management;

Understand the application prospect of management science;

Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the initial ability of scientific research and practical work ability.

Main disciplines: management, operations research, economics, computer science and technology

2) Industrial Engineering

Training objectives: training senior specialized talents with solid electrical and mechanical engineering and technical basis, and master the basic theory and knowledge, quality and ability of modern industrial engineering and system management, can be engaged in the related business, complex product manufacturing industry for the planning, design, management, control, consultation, evaluation and innovation at production, management and service management system.

Training requirements: students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of industrial engineering, like mechanical manufacturing basis, electronic technology and computer application foundation and engineering management, system planning, design, operation, management and control and large-scale complex products whole life cycle cost analysis and control of the relevant theories and methods, accept the basic training in application of industrial engineering theory and methods to analyze and solve practical problems, with the preliminary ability of practical system development and design.

Knowledge and Ability:

Have solid foundation of natural science, good foundation for the humanities, arts and social sciences;

Systematically master the basic knowledge of technology theory in the field of mechanical engineering, electronic technology, computer application, information management and so on;

Master the basic theory and knowledge of industrial engineering disciplines, with the necessary professional knowledge, understanding of the scientific frontiers, application prospects and development trends of the professional field;

Master modern engineering management complex product development cost analysis and other related analysis methods and management technology, with strong computer application ability and interpersonal communication skills;

Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of economic construction and enterprise management;

Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work.

Main disciplines: management, mechanical engineering, electronic science and technology

3) Management Information System

Training objectives: training senior specialized talents with the modern management science theory foundation, computer science and technology knowledge and application ability, grasp the ideas and information systems analysis and design methods and information management and the knowledge and ability, can be engaged  in national various levels of management departments, industrial and commercial enterprises, gold financial institutions, scientific research units and other departments for information management and information systems analysis, design, implementing management and evaluation, etc.

Training requirements: the students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of economics, management, quantitative analysis, information resource management, computer and information system, receive the basic training in the system and the design method and information management method, with the basic capabilities of the integrated use of the knowledge to analyze and solve problems.

Knowledge and Ability:

Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of information management and information systems;

Master the analysis method, design method and implementation technology of management information system;

With the basic ability of information organization, analysis, research, communication and development and utilization;

With the basic ability to analyze and solve the problem through the comprehensive utilization of the knowledge;

Know the development dynamics of the related fields;

Master the basic methods of literature search, data query and collection, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability.

Major courses: statistics, operations research, economics, accounting, finance, management information systems, international trade and international finance, organizational behavior, management decision-making models and methods, operations planning and control.

The main practical teaching: visit, social survey and graduation thesis.

4) Engineering Management

Training objectives: training senior comprehensive management personnel with the basic knowledge of management science, economics and civil engineering technology, master the theory, method and means of modern management science, can be engaged in the project decision-making and management of the entire process in the field of engineering construction.

Training requirements: students mainly study the basic theory, methods of project management and knowledge of civil engineering; receive the basic training in project management; have basic ability in project management.

Knowledge and Ability:

Master the basic theory and method of project management;

Master the basic theory and knowledge of investment economy;

Familiar with civil engineering technical knowledge;

Familiar with the project construction principles, policies and regulations;

Understand the development trend of engineering management;

Have the ability to use computer to solve management problems.

5) Project Management

6) Logistics Supply Chain Management

7) Logistics Engineering

4. Research Direction

1) Resource optimization

2) Decision science

3) Project management

4) Public works

5. Employment Prospects

The state administrative departments at all levels, large and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, multinational companies engaged in decision-making consultation, business operation and management; institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions engaged in related professional teaching and research work.

6. Relevant Disciplines

System science, management science, logistics, financial engineering, mathematics, economics and behavior science and other engineering management disciplines


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